Sometimes We Fall In Love With Sociopaths (Kai Parker Love Story) (Wattys2016) by Zelena8989
Sometimes We Fall In Love With Zelena8989
He's a monster a sociopath but I'm so in love with him I don't know how it happened but I fell in love with a sociopath
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  • thevampirediaries
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You're Such A ❤ Liv And Maddie by -archicans
You're Such A ❤ Liv And Maddieby Seanna
"Why would you ever want to run 26 miles?" "The same reason why you stay on the couch for the entire month of July." "Oh, I get it. A sense of a...
  • parker
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Just Friends (liv & maddie) by golden-stars
Just Friends (liv & maddie)by princess ♡
Lainey David has always been Parker Rooney's best friend. But they're getting older, and they can't deny the feelings they feel for each other.
  • joey
  • parker
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May 2018 by -Citadel-
May 2018by -Citadel-
I'm trying to write about my life? Just a daily Wattpad journal. No secrets. All honesty.
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Parker Rooney Love Story *Liv And Maddie* by shuckingcrank
Parker Rooney Love Story *Liv Betty-Rose ✨
Sabrina Cruz was Willow Cruz's little sister. She was best friends with Parker Rooney. Willow was obsessed with Parker's older brother Joey. Parker has a huge crush on S...
  • willow
  • parker
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Your Guardian Angel by SavvyBLove1
Your Guardian Angelby SavvyBLove1
I do not own Liv and Maddie. *Trigger warning for rape, depression, and suicide.*
  • love
  • liv
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SVU Problems ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
SVU Problems ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
Why has Nick Amaro left? Why is Amanda Rollins moving in with Olivia (Liv) Benson? What are they hiding from Fin?
  • rollins
  • noah
  • fin
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(Lolden and Miggie) Parents by CharlaLee
(Lolden and Miggie) Parentsby Charla Starr Lee
liv and Holden finally got together but made a mistake so did Maddie and diggie
  • crying
  • maddiediggiebaby
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Hayley And Ryan {A Bratayley Love Story}#wattys2016 by Temmie_Flake_ma_name
Hayley And Ryan {A Bratayley Temmie Flakes
This will be about Hayley from bratayley and Ryan from flippinkatie. I will update once every two days or more hopefully. This is my first fanfic so please no hate. Cale...
  • annie
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Thunderbirds Are Go by Sapphire-stark
Thunderbirds Are Goby Sapphire stark x
What if Jeff Tracy has 6 kids? What if one of them was a girl, John's twin. This is the story of Liv Tracy.
  • virgil
  • liv
  • alan
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Liv,Maddie,And Alli by angelsalwaysfly1
Liv,Maddie,And Alliby Angel O'Brien
Liv,Maddie,And Alli are triplets.Alli returns from Beverly Hills after 2 year and Liv also returns.With these three back together the house is full of drama,and conflict...
  • maddie
  • maddison
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Blind Bella Volturi ( English ) by JustMe_100
Blind Bella Volturi ( English )by *~JustMe~*
Actually is this story Dutch. But I have translated. It's a very popular book in it Dutch. It is a kind of Twilight but then different. Book 1 It's about Bella. She'll...
  • liv
  • edward
  • wattys2016
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IZombie Fan Fiction (Liv's Cousin comes to town) by ravenquinn93
IZombie Fan Fiction (Liv's Raven Quinn
Liv is a zombie, works at a police morgue, has cravings for brains and is a crime fighter, then something big happens her cousin, Dieana Moore, comes back home to Seattl...
  • izombie
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New Beginnings (Mosh) by Princess_Aria13
New Beginnings (Mosh)by Aria
When Diggy left she thought she would never meet someone that she could connect with the same way she did with him. But what happens when she realizes she has feelings f...
  • livrooney
  • liv
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L'histoire de Liv [SLOW UPDATES] by MissNutxlla_2oo2
L'histoire de Liv [SLOW UPDATES]by ᴋʜᴀʟᴇᴇsɪ ⚜
Lorsque Liv est mise à l'écart de sa famille à cause de la découverte de son pouvoir, elle décide de fuguer. Mais le Professeur X la retrouve et lui propose de rejoindre...
  • télépathie
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Facts About The Disney Channel Show Liv and Maddie (COMPLETED) by liltacoxo
Facts About The Disney Channel Erin (Lil Taco)
Here Are Facts About The Disney Channel Show Liv and Maddie. Please Like, Comment, and Follow. Also Share The Story With Your Friends.
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Desperate Passions:  A Roger Howarth Fan Fiction by lifeisgoodfanfics
Desperate Passions: A Roger Valerie McKay-Harvey
Adventures of Todd Manning, as played by Roger Howarth, after waking from an 8-year coma at the hands of his mother, Irene Manning, and her desperate attempt to have his...
  • drama
  • onelifetolive
  • daytimeserial
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True love (Liv and Holden) by jennnniferrrrrr
True love (Liv and Holden)by jennnniferrrrrr
Holden is a new kid and Liv has a very big crush! (Storyline of Liv and Maddie has been changed) I hope you like it
  • diggie
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Engaged (Bensler) by shutupandgetout
Engaged (Bensler)by ❤
➣Just another typical Bensler fanfic➢ Olivia is pregnant with Elliot's child. They both agree that the right thing to do is to get married. Even though they are not in l...
  • oliviabenson
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  • mariskahargitay
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True Love A Liv and Maddie Love Story by KrazyK339
True Love A Liv and Maddie Love Krazy
Liv and Maddie are 16 year old twin sisters,Maddie is the Captain of her schools girls basketball team and Liv just came home from shooting her show Sing It Loud in Holl...
  • holden
  • liv