✔️Double tap// bratayley fanfic (COMPLETED) by -ashleyxoxo-
✔️Double tap// bratayley fanfic ( ✨ashley✨
the first ever bratayley instagram story :)
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Criminal Family - Dylan. by stealmyziall_
Criminal Family - stealmyziall
Spin-off de Criminal Blood - Versão Dylan. "Minha vida sempre esteve encaminhada.Fui criado através de uma barriga de aluguel com um único propósito, seguir com os...
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the third Rooney sister by shadowluver15
the third Rooney sisterby shadowluver15
liv and Maddie had an older sister. She moved away for school before liv came home, and still has not visited. What happens when one winter day she shows up at the Roone...
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Like Toy Soldiers (Liv and Maddie: Dumptruck) by Aubyk1203
Like Toy Soldiers (Liv and FandomQueen
Skylar Evans has been friends with Liv and Maddie since second grade. She didn't get along with her family very well except for her brother. When her brother died she mo...
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My brothers best friend|| O.F ♥️ by Liv_Crerar
My brothers best friend|| O.F ♥️by Liv😉🖤xx
Your brother is a professional rugby player. He is James Haskell. When you meet Owen there is an instant connection. You're meant to just be friends but you can't help...
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Hannie ✓ by xPinkBuns
Hannie ✓by Annie x
{#1} 'I have always loved you Leblanc' - (Romantic/Fanfic) Annie moves to Hawaii after loads of obstacles. Hannie is reunited!
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Vampire Diaries Imagines and Preferences #2  by LittleDivergents
Vampire Diaries Imagines and voidbennet
Includes.. Kol Kai Klaus Elijah Finn Silas Stefan Damon Mary Louise Nora Elena Katherine Rebekah Alaric Matt Jeremy Tyler Haley Bonnie Caroline Enzo Olivia Luke Jo...
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Liv and Maddie by MariaSmith525
Liv and Maddieby Maria Smith
Liv is a Disney star. Maddie is a killer jock. When these sisters come together the whole Rooney house is filled with drama, laughter, and joy(sometimes). But no matter...
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Val and Parker  by writingstoriesalina
Val and Parker by Lord Voldy Moldy
Liv, Maddie, and Joey are all staying in California for college and for Liv's season 2 of Sing-it-Louder. But, Parker isn't going to the Bio-Dome till the end of summer...
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parker & Harley Love Story by newyearnewday
parker & Harley Love Storyby newyearnewday
what happens when Harley and Parker meet what will happen fined out
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Code Name: Legend Liv (Book One in the Adventurous Series) by ElisiaWrites
Code Name: Legend Liv (Book One Elisia
"Hi, I'm Liv. Obviously, I'm the new student. I live life to the fullest, and take it by the balls. By the end of this year, you'll be calling me Legend Liv." ...
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A Stroll Down Memory Lane by Lolyssa
A Stroll Down Memory Laneby Lotus Alyssa
Olivia (Liv) Herondale is on a walk with her friends to the mall, when, on a dare, she follows a dirt path and gets kidnapped. When she wakes up, she discovers she can't...
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#I Am Different Too by AllisonAlliSalvatore
#I Am Different Tooby AllisonAlliSalvatore
#TMNT/Leonardo Love Story
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BK2 - Together (RoadTripTV Fanfic) by wolfess21
BK2 - Together (RoadTripTV Fanfic)by Chloe (Hayley Ryan)
I suggest you go read Ours first, because this will not make much sense otherwise. If you've read Ours already then welcome, I hope you enjoy xox ~ Chloe p.s. Shan has w...
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Hayley And Ryan {A Bratayley Love Story}#wattys2016 by Temmie_Flake_ma_name
Hayley And Ryan {A Bratayley Temmie Flakes
This will be about Hayley from bratayley and Ryan from flippinkatie. I will update once every two days or more hopefully. This is my first fanfic so please no hate. Cale...
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Broken ~ Law and order SVU by OliviaBensler-
Broken ~ Law and order SVUby OliviaBensler-
Olivia is raped. Is Elliot able to help her or is this the end of Olivia Benson?
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Love Birds- A Brannie Fanfic by BellaFanfics101
Love Birds- A Brannie Fanficby BellaFanfics101
Katie is hanging on to life by a thread. Annie has Brennan. Caleb has Katie. Will Liv be the one to ruin it all? Read to find out.
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Liv , Maddie and Mal by ZiyandaN
Liv , Maddie and Malby Ziyanda Njapha
Liv and Maddie find out they are actually triplets, they go to this strange world ,meet new people and make new friends. read to find out more✌
  • liv
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Sometimes We Fall In Love With Sociopaths (Kai Parker Love Story) (Wattys2016) by Zelena8989
Sometimes We Fall In Love With Zelena8989
He's a monster a sociopath but I'm so in love with him I don't know how it happened but I fell in love with a sociopath
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Adopted by Dove Cameron by moonlightmuggle
Adopted by Dove Cameronby F•A•R•R•A•H
Imagine, your parents left you at the age of five at a foster home, at 11 years of age, you get adopted by Dove Cameron. Amethyst. An eleven year old girl gets adopted b...
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