Chapter 15 – Hello Mr. Hot-Pizza-Delivery-Guy

                Amy wiped off her mascara with a little cotton ball, staring at herself in the mirror. It was cheesy and corny and a complete cliché of girls in the movies who didn’t get the guy of their dreams, but she couldn’t help it. Amy was doubting herself. Her blonde hair flowed down past her shoulders and her mint green eyes stared back uselessly at her. Her high cheekbones seemed feeble and her back slumped. Boys weren’t everything, but that still hurt.

                Two days ago she’d found herself falling for Chris and yesterday, he asked Mel out.

                Wasn’t that just cheery?

                Amy sighed and threw away the wet mount of cotton, flicking of the bathroom light and walking slowly to her bedroom to change into her warm fleece pyjamas. It wasn’t all bad though, meeting Chris because she’d also got to know Julie, Liz and Karen pretty well too. They seemed nice. In fact, she’d called them over for a sleepover tonight because she wanted to get to know them better.

                She made her way down the stairs as the door rang for the first time that night.

                Julie was standing there in sweat pants and a jacket, her pillow and fuzzy bunny slippers in hand. “Hey, Ames!” she shrieked. Amy couldn’t help but smile. Julie was such an enthusiastic person and she pulled her inside.

                “Liz and Karen aren’t here yet but if you want you can come set your stuff up over here,” Amy said as she pulled Julie over to the living room. There was a mound of pillows in the center of the room and a few blankets on the couch just in case.

                She could feel herself bubble with excitement. Amy had never really had a real sleepover. Of course she’d slept over at other people’s houses but never had she had an actual sleepover with pillow fights and girl talk and staying up all night.

                Julie gave a dashing smile and plopped onto the big pile of pillows, “I love pillows!” she yelled, her eyes shut in glee, “Are these all yours? I would kill to have this many pillows!”

                Amy shrugged modestly, “It is pretty awesome,” she chimed, hearing the door ring a second time.

                Karen and Liz were standing there with huge smiles plastered on their faces and Liz went to hug her, “This is going to be so much fun!”

                Amy pulled them into the living room too, where Julie had already set up camp on top of the stack of pillows, “I already claimed dibbs!” she cried as Karen went to grab one. Karen frowned in a puppy-dog expression and Julie tossed her one.

                “If I see you trying to steal my pillows again, I’ll find you!” she warned as a laugh escaped her, “I know where you sleep.”

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