Chapter 8

                Amy drove up to Michael’s house, glimpsing down at her phone with the address that he’d given her. It was odd but she’d never been to this part of their small town. It was very suburban, although quite lovely and quaint as well.

                This was her first date in a while after Silvia had chased the other boy away. He sure hadn’t been a prince charming, but thinking about it now, it seemed that Liv had been jealous of all of Amy’s attention. She laughed ridiculously. Liv had always been showing her selfish side and Amy just hadn’t noticed.

                It was too bad since if she had seen the evil to her ex-best friend, she could have met Chris, Julie, David, and Michael even earlier.

                She opened the car door and locked it behind her, hoping that her denim skirt and white blouse hadn’t been crinkled on the way over. She had spent at least two hours dressing for this date, unsure on what to wear and what to do with her hair. Amy was quite pretty on her own with blonde hair, rosy lips, a button nose and a slim body; but she could use all the help she could get.

                She walked up to his door, having a fragile knock on the door as her nervous shakes took over her arm, and then the rest of her body.

                “Amy?” she heard from to her right. She spun around, ready to face Mike and start their date.

                 Weirdly enough, it wasn’t Mike. It was Chris, standing on the lawn over and looking concerned. Amy guessed that they were neighbours because she could see his car in the other drive way and his presence clearly naturally at home.

                “Hey, Chris,” she said. Amy didn’t mind spending a little bit of time talking to Chris even though it would put off her date for a minute or two, “Do you live here?”

                “Yeah, but,” he said, searching for a way to phrase his thoughts. It seemed difficult as he looked at the two townhouses side by side, his and then Michael’s, “But, just be careful. And if you need anything – anything – the walls are really thin.”

                She nodded, shaken. Even with the warning – or at least that’s what she thought it was – she was too excited to let the thought in. Amy couldn’t even really take him seriously with the happy vibes that let loose in her body. “Well, thanks,” she said, a smile slipping from her lips in an attempt to convince him that she understood, “Everything will be fine.”

                Chris nodded uncertainly, watching Amy walk towards his door again knock on the door with more force than before. She was so excited, so thrilled to be going on a date in the first place, that when Michael came to the door, she felt her heat speed up.

                “Hi,” she said in a breathy tone, blinking a few times to check if everything was real.

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