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Chapter 19 - Just Friends

Amy scooped up another mouthful of ice cream and swallowed in a large gulp. She’d found her comfort in sweets when she was young and ever since then, whenever she was sad, she would pile up the sugar. It was so obviously unhealthy and desperate but at the same time, it was the only way she could hold in her tears.

She still couldn’t get over the way Melissa had spoken to her yesterday or the way Chris had completely ignored it. What she’d said had hurt, like shards of glass that cut through her skin. But Chris just pretending that nothing was happening had been even worse. Did he not care about Amy at all?

Of course there was still the chance that he just hadn’t seen Melissa’s rudeness but he would have had to be blind and deaf for that to be true.

Amy wiped the back of her hand across her forehead and ate another mound of ice cream straight from the container. Why couldn’t she just figure out this whole situation? It made no sense to her. She could never really understand Chris. One minute, he was playful and they were friends and the next he was insensitive and superficial. Was that normal for popular people?

Out of nowhere, the door bell rang. At first, Amy was certain that she’d just imagined it. After all, who would come to visit her at – she looked over at the oven clock – 9:44 p.m. on a school night?

She ignored it and bit her lip whilst shoving another spoonful into her mouth and swallowing the lump. She wasn’t going to cry for this boy. It wasn’t like she still had a crush on him or anything – not after what she’d seen at the mall. Maybe they would still be friends one day but for now, she didn’t see it in the cards. Friends don’t let friends suffer the way he let her hurt.

The doorbell rang again and Amy rolled her eyes. Whoever it was needed to leave. Maybe, if she didn’t answer it, they would go away and leave her alone.

After waiting for a few seconds more and hearing the loud shriek of the bell a third time, Amy threw the spoon back into the container with a loud sigh and pushed her way to the door, wiping the corners of her mouth quickly.

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