Chapter 11

Amy rolled over, feeling the weight on her shoulders resist to her movement. She frowned. Let me turn, she thought to what she assumed was an arm as she groaned and shrugged it, trying to remove the heaviness from herself.

And then she shrieked, “Chris! What the hell?” she demanded, throwing herself out of bed and onto the ground with wide eyes. Her mouth jerked open with a disoriented expression as she scrambled to cover her chest and her bare legs.

With a yelp, Chris plummeted to the ground as well, recognition dawning on his sleepy features. “Oh shit!” he said, shaking his head too as he gritted his teeth at himself. He was supposed to have woken up before her - before she could see the way he’d snuck into her bed and slept beside her.

“Amy,” he started, apologies rolling off of his tongue as he came around the bed to meet her, “I am so sorry-”

She grabbed a pillow and chucked it at his head uselessly, still attempting to cover her skin. “What the hell, Chris?” she cried again, her lips shaking and her hands clenching and unclenching uselessly, “What the hell were you doing in my bed and why the hell would you do that after what had just happened with Michael?”

Somehow, he knew that she didn’t expect a response so he batted his eyes mercifully and hoped that she was done so that he could explain.

“You know he just tried to... to...” she stuttered, at a loss for words, “You know what he tried to do! And now – not even a day later – you tried to take advantage of me too! You know how much that hurts? I thought you were better than that. I thought that you were different than all those guys at our school who just want sex!” she screamed at him, making sure this blow hurt the most. “That’s why I let you stay over! Because I trusted you! I thought we were becoming friends and now I know you just want me to sleep with you. Well, Chris, you are a good as hell actor because I thought last night that you might actually be someone that I’d want to get to know better.”

Amy let out a deep breath of air and clenched her jaw, trying to prevent herself from letting the tears flow. She didn’t know what was worse: the fact that Chris had almost tried to take advantage of her or the fact that he wasn’t who she’d thought he was.

In truth, it hurt her a lot. Probably more than she could tell him. But knowing that she’d been fooled... well... it caused terrified shivers to course through her very being.

Chris dropped his head and gazed down at his shoes in shame. “You asked me to stay,” he squeaked, hoping and not hoping that she heard him.

“Stay?” she repeated, “After you came up next to me and slipped into my bed?”

Chris pouted and turned to the door, “I shouldn’t have come to see you last night. I’m really sorry,” he tried to say again. It was less scary to talk to her when he didn’t meet her eyes.

Amy shut her eyes tightly and wiped away the grime on her face, “Whatever,” she said finally. It was obvious that she was still angry but Chris could apologize later. He ran his hand through his messy hair and glanced at the clock at the same time that Amy did as a way to end this conversation when she realized how long it had taken them, “Shoot. We are going to be late for class.”

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