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Chapter 23 - The Date

As soon as the doorbell rang, Amy hopped up and raced to answer it. Julie had really gotten her pumped up for this date. Nick seemed like such a nice guy. Then again she'd only spoken to him twice before, which wouldn't exactly give her that great an idea of who he was... But despite all that, she just knew that he was a good guy. She could feel it in her gut.

Opening the big brown door, Amy smiled and looked over him with made up eyes. Julie had helped her with everything - hair, clothes, shoes, and make up. Amy had been so dressed up that she felt almost like a little girl's Barbie doll.

"Hi," she said with a shy grin, looking down at her shoes uncomfortably.

Nick smiled and replied with ease. There was no doubt in her mind that he was experienced with this kind of stuff by the way he looked at her like he knew what he was doing, "Hey. You look great," Nick added with a smile as he looked over her. "Ready to go?" he asked and then looking past her as he winced and then added, "Or do I have to meet the 'rents?”

She frowned and closed the door behind her, "Nope. It's fine - they're... Out," she said. Amy didn't exactly know what possessed her to lie but she just didn't want to feel like such a nerd - at least not on the first date. She didn't need him to be asking all these questions about where her parents were. Most people, when they found out she lived alone, prodded her with questions after question, getting every drop of information from her about what they did and where they were and how she dealt with it. And then they'd add some form of opinion to the mixture too and make Amy feel even worse. She just didn't want to have to put up with that.

That was actually one of the many things she'd admired about Chris. He hadn't ever asked her why they never came home and she was grateful for that since she never really wanted to talk about it.

With a grimace behind nick's back, Amy cursed herself for bringing him up. That relationship was over - terminated - done. It was her fault anyways. Now she just had to move on.

Looking around confusedly as she tried to focus back on her date, Amy bit her lip, "Where's your car?" she hesitated.

Nick shrugged and stuffed his hands in his pockets, "I hope you don't mind but I thought we could walk. The restaurants not that far or anything," he said, grinning sheepishly as he continued, "Plus, I don't exactly have a car."

"How do you deliver pizzas then?" she asked. It wasn't that she was disappointed though. It was a beautiful night and she never would mind walking anyways.

He shrugged again and met her gaze. His eyes shone from the light of the setting sun and reflected back upon her, "It's the company's car. I just use it for deliveries."

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