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hi everybody!

Look at you all - I can practically see the excitement in your eyes for the second chapter in a week. Well, your welcome. But then again, I couldn't do it without you because I only write to please you guys.

I hope you all like this chapter and will show your appreciation below by commenting, voting and maybe even fanning? I would love to beat my next few goals with reads, votes and fans. It would make me super happy. No joke. I will do a happy dance.

Also, on a side note, I have a question of the chapter! (instead of a question of the day/week/month) I was wondering what you guys would say to being able to meet or see a picture of your favourite authors on wattpad. Would you want that and be excited for it or would you dislike the idea of finding out who they are becaue you already had a mental image of what they're like?

Confusing? Sorry.

Anyways, without further adue (don't know how that's spelled): here's the chapter. It's short, but a lot happens. I promise.

Yours truly,


P.S. Only three chapters left... and maybe an epilogue. But that's it :S I'm looking forward to the end - I must admit. It will be great.


Chapter 28 – Out of my Mind, Out of my Home

“What the hell is this?” someone screamed overhead of Amy.

She rubbed her eyes with a groan from the loud noise and shifted in the bed.

Someone threw open the curtains and she winced at the bright light. Amy immediately felt a strong dislike for this person. What kind of cruel human being would wake her up by blinding her with the wretched sunlight?

She sat up groggily and blinked a few times before really seeing her mother standing at the edge of the bed, her hands on her hips and a disappointed scowl of embarrassment on her lips.

“Amy, what have you done?” she yelled, her hands flying up in frustration, “First, Mrs. Lantir tells me there was a party going on here, and then I find you in bed with some godforsaken boy.”

Amy still wasn’t quite lucid, but she was registering every word her mother said. It was true; she had a party. It wasn’t that big a deal. All the kids had parties nowadays. But it did annoy her that Silvia’s mom had been the one to rat her out. Amy had her suspicions that it had been Liv to order the betrayal in the first place though. As for waking up in bed with Chris...

Amy looked down at herself. She was still fully clothed, as was Chris who was shifting uncomfortably in the bed and tilting his head down to hide his face. The sheets covered both of them from their stomach up and bunched up around them.

“I had a party. So what?” she spat in return. Frustration and anger bubbled up in her, “What does it matter to you anyways? It’s not like you’re ever here!”

Mrs. Bordon, Amy’s mother, looked almost taken aback by that. Her mouth gaped, but she quickly closed it and straightened her posture, “Don’t try and change the subject.”

Amy practically leapt out of bed in accusation, “That’s not changing the subject! It shouldn’t matter to you if you weren’t even there to notice it!”

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