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The Bet by hannah-vo
The Betby Hannah
What if the only thing seperating you from your crush was a kiss? Amy never thought that she would be hanging out with the popular kids. But after having made a bet with...
A Thousand Miles to Reach You by imageofCrystal
A Thousand Miles to Reach Youby Crystal_Drops
She's a photographer, he's a CEO. She's optimistic, friendly, kind, cute; he's pessimistic, arrogant, cold, cheeky. Because of their personalities, they live as if they...
To Break Her Heart by im_fluent_in_sarcasm
To Break Her Heartby asma
~complete~ There comes a time when everything is just too much to handle by yourself. *apparently this story is kinda like the manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama in the first co...
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) S...by CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into pieces...as if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
Total Drama World Tour by JessicaMarie_
Total Drama World Tourby Jessica
From a dingy old camp, to movie stars? What possibly could eight-teen teenagers do next? Oh that's right, take over the world! Sea to shining sea. This time, Chris has a...
Daddy's Little Angel by inspire_me101
Daddy's Little Angelby Makayla Ortiz
(Sin)cerely, Daddy's little Angel
Power Rangers: The Saif Warrior (Book One) by JohnnyEl-Hajj
Power Rangers: The Saif Warrior (B...by Johnny El-Hajj
Adrian is a sixteen year old boy with an explosive personality. He is also unaware that his brother Troy is the Red Megaforce Ranger, or that his father and mother were...
Dance your heart out (a one direction story) by purplepop23
Dance your heart out (a one direct...by purplepop23
Valerie Thompson was born to be a dancer. That was, until the not so accidental accident. That's when, homeless, her best friend in the world Danielle Peazer took her in...
your hair tie |:| eda x odalia blight  by bugmarss
your hair tie |:| eda x odalia bli...by bugmil
an owl house au i hope you guys enjoy :))
Knots & Tie (On Hold) by eslipsa
Knots & Tie (On Hold)by Elizabeth A.
I was a victim. He looked at me kneeling helplessly and stripped before him and he smirked wickedly. "Now, spread your legs and pleasure yourself." "I...
Daily Self Growth Journal Pt. IV by JacobSummers
Daily Self Growth Journal Pt. IVby Jacob Summers
This is the fourth part of a project called the "Daily Self Growth Journal." Its purpose is to prompt readers to journal through encouragement, motivation, an...
All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
Big Time Rush(Numerous One Shots) by 1231IronPen
Big Time Rush(Numerous One Shots)by Lauren
Visit here to vote for Lauren to win the Shorty Awards:http://shortyawards.com/LCstories555
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Wizardmon x Myotismon in love with the vampire king by BrittonHall
Wizardmon x Myotismon in love with...by Ight bet
So this is set in adventure tri, wizardmon some how because of any none digi-logic none to man- or..digimon I guess...comes back to life. But one day he wakes up with th...
Behind the mask (Aston Merrygold fanfic) by danielouissmith
Behind the mask (Aston Merrygold f...by Danielle
What will happen when Amber goes to a masquerade ball on New Year's Eve and meets a mysterious stranger at the bar? With all their secrets hidden behind masks will they...
one shots by MizzVW
one shotsby Kim Van Wattingen
Just a few short stories, some may link to each other but not sure yet.
St. Cross High's Weird Teachers (O_o) (BoyxBoy) by mis4-2n8
St. Cross High's Weird Teachers (O...by Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(WARNING: Genre: Shounen Ai Slightly Boylove, Comedy) "Vampire on the loose, blood tie, crazy colleagues, money maniac family, idiot students plus stalker wolf...l...
Unknown Past (Book 1) by cookiemybaby
Unknown Past (Book 1)by Y
This story is about Willow Rose Anderson a 16 year old girl with an unknown past and an unknown future whose life changes more than once. Ps: This is my first story,and...
She is the Alpha of an all Girl Wolfpack by hannah8633
She is the Alpha of an all Girl Wo...by Hannah
Jenn Ford is a she-wolf she is in an all she-wolf pack, but her job is the Alpha. She lives in house with her pack, which is the only pack in North Carolina. But when sh...
meeeeeee!!!! by J_Kitten
meeeeeee!!!!by Jewell
pretty much just pics of me or memes I like or fan art I like (I dont draw so none of it's mine....) or my really depressing drama