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Bondage by Bella_Bunny
Bondageby Bella
  • tied
  • tie
  • gag
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Behind The Verses [[ Ed Sheeran ]] by mysheeriolove
Behind The Verses [[ Ed Sheeran ]]by Roma Fatima
How does the school geek, famed for his ginger hair and massive NHS specs, go on to bag hoards of screaming females along the way? 22-year old Ed Sheeran, the son of a h...
  • freshman
  • high
  • december
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PAST TENSE by carlemcclain
PAST TENSEby carlemcclain
The leaders of several countries, all with personal grudges against the US, Create a weapon to destroy her. Things go horribly wrong , and everyone on the planet is kill...
  • scifi
  • tie
  • timetravel
Bow and Tie by maldita007
Bow and Tieby Jackie Maldita
  • tuxedo
  • bow
  • paranormal
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Yu-Gi-Oh! 2014 Watty Awards Tie Breakers (CLOSED) by YuGiOh_WattyAwards
Yu-Gi-Oh! 2014 Watty Awards Tie Br...by YuGiOh_WattyAwards
  • watty
  • yu-gi-oh
  • breakers
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on a side note, death is here by MattJamesWethington
on a side note, death is hereby Matt Wethington
Some boxes are meant to be opened... This one should have stayed sealed forever.
  • death
  • mind
  • control
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High Quality Cable Ties Online by rhinotools1
High Quality Cable Ties Onlineby rhinotools1
We provide high quality cable ties gun and tools at Australia;s best price. For Buy High Quality Cable Ties Online At Low Price contact us today or check link for more d...
  • tie
  • ties
  • magnifying
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Your Song by AnotherLoveAffair
Your Songby Ashley
When talented Danni Green meets famous Darren Criss, her life is turned upside down as she struggles through love, heart break, and all the obstacles life has to offer.
  • stutter
  • darren
  • dress
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The Terror Tie (Minecraft Fan Fiction) by Tricast01
The Terror Tie (Minecraft Fan Fict...by Tricast01
A man wakes up one day, with no memory and no ability to talk. Only instincts help him live. Will he ever find his family?
  • tricast01
  • fan
  • tie
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An Intricate Love by Faryalness
An Intricate Loveby Aqsa Faryal
One day she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in life. And with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle t...
  • everything
  • tie
  • life
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BowTie by Masonator3405
BowTieby Masonator3405
Just an idea for a television miniseries that could look good in writing. The story begins in an enigmatic land of unknown origin called Pharasia. The adventures follow...
  • tie
  • infinitytrain
  • caspian
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The Tie incident (True Story) by SofiacraftStories135
The Tie incident (True Story)by SofiacraftStories135
This story is about a girl who everyday was getting picked on by nine girls and two boys.
  • bullies
  • girl
  • tie
A Black Tie Event by momamoose
A Black Tie Eventby Steph, or Moor
A short story.
  • momamoose
  • dog
  • fight
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The Hair Tie by michellepandas
The Hair Tieby michellepandas
You know how the rubber in hair ties can easily break, and then the hair tie itself is stretched out and becomes too big to fit around your wrist? In Drew's world, that'...
  • fact
  • romance
  • hair
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The Pie Story by NeenaRules
The Pie Storyby Leila and Neena
this is a story of a pie
  • lol
  • lie
  • pie
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The Nightmare of A CEO by xanonymouslyflawedx
The Nightmare of A CEOby Georgie Jay
Money, suit, and tie; all the things that she wanted. A man who could support her and give her luxuries along with looking sharp and always having some suit on. She alwa...
  • money
  • ceo
  • suit
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