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"Kaelys pov "

We pulled up to this rlly big house I instantly fell in love with it my dad Looked rlly nervous I wonder y I shook it off and jus snapped in his face he turned bak to normal and got out the car and opened my door

Dad-well this is ur new home hope u like it


Dad-*chuckles*I'm glad u do baby girl. Come on let's go *grabs he hand and leads her to the door*


Once I got into the house I was amazed I jus sat there looking dumbfounded until my dad started calling my name


Me-oh uh yes

Dad-this is ur brother King and King...suprise this is ur sister kaely

King-that ain't my sister

I was hurt cuz I jus new now I was going bak since he doesn't like me and I'm sure he'd rather please His real son than his fake daughter


Me-it's ok u can jus take me bak now before I get to attached. Don't worry I'm good at this part I've had a lot of practice

King-I was jp pops I've been wanting a little sister anyways and Kaely I didn't mean it. It did catch me off guard but ur my little sister now. We're gunna get in a lot of trouble together and I'm gunna be right there to get u out and vice versa

Me-thx King I love you

King-love you to Kaely *picks her up and kisses her cheek*

Dad-awww brother sister goals *takes a picture* this going on ig

King-u stay putting shii on ig

Dad-watchu say

Me-he said shii not


Dad-u jus said it tho 😐

Me-no he didn't he said ship while he was holding his tongue u jus didn't see him

King-what she said

Dad-anyways I'll show u to ur room kaely it's not done yet we'll get all tht stuff tomorrow

Me-ok daddy

We start walking and I see and gold statue of a little boy


Dad-yes baby girl

Me- who is tht little boy * points to the statue*

Dad-it's king when he was little u want one

Me-King had hair!!  And are u sure it's not to much trouble

Dad-*laughs* yes he had hair. And look around there is gold everywhere most of it we don't even need we can do the same thing we did with kings and jus have some of it melted down and walla a beautiful statue for my beautiful baby girl

King-*yells* she ain't that cute

Me/Dad-*yells bak* shut up King

King-Jp love u sister

Me-mhm w.e

King-*runs up the stairs picks her up and start tickling her*

Me-y-y-youuu are s-soooooo ex-e-extra  stooooooooooppppp

King-say u love me first and King is the best brother in the world


King-*tickles her harder*

Me-ok ok ok I love y-you a-and king is t-th-the best br-brother in the w-world 😂😂😂now s-stop I can't b-breeeaaathhh

King-ok ur free to go

Me-*runs to my dad*

Dad-y'all r something else 😴

King/me- he/she started it

Dad-*chuckles and shakes his head* come on let's go

We walk towards this double sided door and he opens it and I was shocked this room was big as heck

Dad-u like it

Me-love it thank you so much

Dad-ok well ur uncles and aunties r coming over in like five minutes so go down stairs 

Me-ok *goes downstairs*

"Tygas Pov "

After kaely went downstairs I go to my room and count my money I put bak in this hole in the wall and go downstairs and then the door bell rings. Then I open the door

Me-kaely these are ur aunties and uncles

And wiz

And ur cousins

And Shawn

And yo big head god dad Chris. Guys this is my daughter Kaely


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