Chapter 7️⃣

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King Pov

I woke up light headed... Ig it was from all tht crying last night call me sensitive idc Thts my dad I would cry in front of anybody over him but anyways i rlly didn't get much sleep cuz of Kaely Ig she thought it was a dream cuz she kept waking up and going to my dad room to see if he was in there and whn she realized it was real she would start crying and I had to sing her to sleep. But after about the 4 th time she went all the way bak to sleep anyways I got outta bed and I went downstairs and called dads assistant Im so use to him always cookin for us it's different. Ig Katherine isn't use to cookin either cuz she burnt the pancakes I told her it was ok and well go out to eat I went to wake Kaely up so we can go eat and see him after like 1 hour and 30minutes later we finished our ihop and made our way to the hospital ayo by my dad and my god dad came on Kaely was rappin the words and cryin a little I teared up too. Once we got there I went in and asked for my dad and they told us wht room he was in and we went up. When we got in there Kaely went up to him and started talkin to him I told her I had to go to the bathroom when I was comin bak in she ran out the room screaming and cryin dad was alive I ran in the room and seen my dads hand moving a little bit. I can't believe it they made a mistake my dad isn't dead.......I ran to go get a doctor


Doctor:calm down son.......wht room is he in


We walked in the room and Kaely and my dad was talkn but his voice was barley above I whisper I hated seein my dad like tht this isn't the first time I've seen him like this but I'm still not use to it I'm use to him always smilin and laughing and jus chillin he was always a chill laid bak person except for whn u messed wit wht is his I could tell Kaely didn't like to see him like tht cuz hey eyes was gettin watery

Kaelys pov

Whn I was tlkn to my dad I could tell he was rlly weak cuz u could barley hear him whn he was talkn and he kept holding his head and makin a face like it rlly hurt. The fact tht he was hurt hurt me so my eyes start getting watery sooner or later I was fully cryin

Tyga-no baby girl don't cry please daddy is ok I'll be at home wit u and King soon jus please don't cry pretty girls don't cry ok hold your head up ur crown is fallin princess

Kaely-but daddy ur hurt and it's my fault

Tyga-no baby it's not ur fault and I don't want u to think its ur fault cuz it's rlly not it's nobody's fault

Kaely-wht about meek

King-meek is gon teddy bear he can't hurt u no more he can't hurt anybody anymore

Kaely-ok..... I love you guys

King/Tyga: we love you more

King:how u feelin pops

Tyga:right now bad but I'll get better soon

King:u right tht was kind of a stupid question


Tyga pov

I was happy whn I saw Kaely and King those kids are my life idk wht I would do without them. But I can't stand to see them sad tht I'm in this situation I can't wait to get outta this damn hospital they told me I'll have to be in here for 2 weeks I hope they go by fast

Kaely:daddy ?


Kaely:I happy your ok

Me:me too baby girl me too

Kaely:Me and King prayed for u last night

Me:awww thx baby girl I appreciate it son thx

King/Kaely:u welcome dad

Srry guys Ik it was short but the next one will be longer. And Ik if u get shot in the head u would most likely die but  this story is fiction guys and I couldn't jus let tyga go like tht😊 and jus to let u guys kno u r the best readers ever I love you guys so much y'all sho so much support to this book and I rlly appreciate it


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