Chapter 17

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                             Kaelys POV

    I woke up to King and Ashley being nasty in they room. IT IS TO DAMN EARLY FOR THAT SHIT😐. I wanted to block out the sounds so I grabbed my headphones and started listening to The weekend by Sza this is my song bro!! I turned it all the way up I was gonna try to go back to sleep but oh well. It started to play and I sung along

You say you got a girl
How you want me
How u want me if you got a girl?
The feelin is wreck less
Of knowin you're selfish
Knowin I'm desperate
Gettin all in your love
Fallin all over love , like
Do it to last , last
Hanging in the back all up in your lap
Like is you coming home
Is you out with her ?
I don't care long as you here by 10:30 no later than, drop them drawers give me what I want

My man is my man, is your man, heard that's her man too
My man is my man , is your man, heard that's her man
Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday and Friday I jus keep his satisfied through the weekend
Do like 9 to 5 I'm the weekend, make him lose him mind every weekend
You take Wednesday Thursday then jus send him my way I think I got it covered for the weekend

I got interrupted by king coming I'm my room. I mugged him and he mugged me right back

umm do you knock. I said

I been knocking for like 30 seconds dumb ass so I jus let my self in. He said

oh sorry my bad I had my earphones in

yeah Ik. he said

whatever what do u want. I asked

I jus came to say Goodmorning to my favoritest sister in the whole widest world. He stated and did this fake ass smile

king I'm your only sister retard. I said

Damn always gotta ruin something

Haha ,  okay Goodmorning favoritest brother in the whole widest world. I said

well I'm sure it was a good morning for you. I added and started laughing

Oh shit you heard that? He asked

The whole United States heard y'all and the walls thick y'all ain't got ever be that loud. I laughed

Well u kno I how I put shit down. He said popping his imaginary collar

No, no I didn't kno nor did I ever want to kno

Whatever I was jus explaining why she was so loud. He said laughing

UGH WHATEVER. Exit my room

Exit my house. He said

You Wouldn't dare you love me too much. I smiled

You sure about that ? He asked

Positive 😊

Ughh you right I do love yo ugly ass to much. He rolled his eyes

Boy please I'm beautiful I said flipping my hair

Mhm whatever get dressed we going somewhere

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