Chapter 15

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                                Kings pov

We've been in the hospital for about three hours now and they still haven't told us anything C.J cried herself to sleep on Reece shoulder Reece had a couple tears comin down his face and Malak was one the side of me wit his head in his hands I think he was crying to. Now me I was scared I was to scared to cry to scared to say anything I was jus scared tht my little sister wasnt goin to make it fuck whts going on wit her and my dad she gon forever be my little sister my baby girl my ride or die I love this little girl to death idk wht I would do without her I texted my dad wht happened hopefully he's man enough to come on try to make things right wit her if not fuck it I'll he her father figure and brother figure all at once I don't rlly have much to say to him either he did Kaely super dirty after about another 30 minutes my dad came in wit balloons and a big ass teddy bear and sat down nobody said anything to him I didn't even look his way I saw Reece mug him and Malak   he jus looked mad good thing C.J was still sleep cuz it would've been chaotic 10 more minutes passed and a doctor finally came out we all stoop up and Reece woke up C.J

Doctor:are you guys the family of Kaely Stevenson

All of yes:yes

C.J:wait what is he doing here (pointing to Tyga)

Reece:chill out baby jus leave it alone

C.J:(rolls her eyes)

Doctor:well Kaely is doing fine she didn't loose too much blood and she jus blacked out cuz of stress

We all looked at my dad and start shakin our heads and he stood there looking guilty

Me:can we see her ?

Doctor:yes buh only 2 at a time

Me:okay C.J and Reese u can go first me and Malak will go second and Dad u can go last.

Doctor:okay follow me

C.J and Reese followed the doctor to Kaelys room

                     Kaelys Pov

I was up watching spongebob and I had a bad ass headache anyways I continued watching tv when the door opened and I seen my 2 bestfriends come in I lightly smiled and they came and hugged me.

C.J: don't ever scare me like tht again I thought I lost my bestfriend 🤕

Reece:yeah Kaely Idk wht I would do if I lost my best

Kaely:I'm sorry guys I was jus in a lot of hurt sorry for scaring you guys

C.J:it's okay wife  jus don't ever do no shii like tht again

Kaely:*chuckles* I won't wifey

Reece:here y'all go wit this gay shii

Kaely and C.J:*mugged him then start laughing

Reece:well we gotta go it's other ppl tht wanna see you love you bestfriend

C.J: love you baby girl

Kaely:I love y'all too see y'all later

After they left a couple minutes later King and Malak came in I smiled at them and king hugged me and Malak jus stared at me a tear came down his face and out of no where he hugged me tight I cried in his shoulder and he jus held me after like 30 seconds he pulled away and kissed me I kissed bac and pulled away

King:baby girl don't ever do no shii like tht again please u had me scared to death I would've rlly been lost without you

Kaely:king I'm sorry buh it was jus hard for me I'm sorry for putting u through stress I'm sorry for everything

King:No it's okay don't feel bad u was under a lot of hurt and stress I get it *hugs Kaely * I'll leave y'all to talk alone *walks out*

Malak:baby ?

Kaely:*looks down*

Malak:baby look at me

Kaely:*looks at him* u probably think I'm some type of suicidal weirdo

Malak:no baby girl not at all I use to be like tht along time ago when my dad died buh it got better Ik how u feel to be in tht kind of emotional pain it's okay baby girl I love you for you

Kaely:I love you to King

Malak:u want me to spend the night witchu?

Kaely:please I'll text king and ask him to take you to get some clothes*text him* ..........he said  come on he'll take you cuz he's about to take Reece and C.J home anyways

Malak:Alr Ill be back baby I love you *hugs her*

Kaely:I love you too *hugs back*

After Malak leaves I thought tht was the only people her to see me buh I thought wrong somebody else walked in and it was Michael somebody I did not want to see Rn he's the cause of all this

Michael:uhh.....hey Baby girl

Me:I'm not ur baby remember u wished u never adopted me right

Michael:baby look I'm sorry I really do apologize from the bottom of my heart I was stoopid asf for saying tht I didn't mean anything tht I said at all but actions are louder than words so wht do I have to do for u to forgive me because I really truly am sorry

Kaely:i don't kno wht to say

Michael:baby please forgive me I'm sorry how bout I take you out and we can have a daddy daughter day anything u want u can have

Kaely:it okay I forgive you buh I'll never forget you don't have to spend your money on me

Michael:no buh I want to


Michael:can I get a hug


Michael:*hugs her* I love you baby girl *tears falls down his eye and he pulls away*

Kaely:I love you to daddy *wipes away his tear and smiles at him*

Michael:gimme kiss

Kaely:*pecks his lips* (not like tht buh one of those kisses u give yo parents )

Michael:oh yeah and I have something for you *goes outside and comes back wit the stuff he brought*

Kaely: *eyes get wide* Thank you Thank you Thank you I've always wanted those big teddy bears

Michael:*smiles* your welcome baby girl buh I have to go I'll be bac in the morning love you

Kaely:okay love you too

After tht a couple minutes later Malak came back in wit Mc Donald's I got happy cuz I was hungry asf we ate and talked about our past then we watched movies until I eventually fell asleep in his arms

Heyyyy guys look I am sooooo sorry for taking forever and a million years to update buh I had writers block and couldn't buh it's gone now and I've got a lot of new ideas so get ready for more updates


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