Chapter 13

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                           Kaelys pov

After everything went down king and Ashley came to comfort me I was rlly hurt bye wht Michael said like how was I ungrateful for thinkin about yo life but it's w.e Once we got home I txt my best friends Reese and C.J and told them what happened

                              TEXT CONVO

C.j~ wait a minute so this nigga said tht u was ungrateful and should've never adopted u


C.j~hell no I'm bout to beat some ass

Reese~ bae shut yo short ass up u can not fight him....... But I will where he live at kaely

Me~thanks guys but I'm over it if he want me out his life he can have me out his life

C.j~ awwww baby mama do u need us to come over we can have a twerk party🤘🏽🍑

Me~ yea come on wifey Ima txt u the address

Reese~y'all gay asf 😭🌈

C.j~ w.e ugly

Reese~ u wasn't sayin I was ugly when u was screaming my name last night 👅


C.j~ shut my nigga I'm a virgin and no boo I didn't cheat on u Buh I heard u cheatin on me with malak😒

Reese~yea whts goin on wit u and the homie bestf

Me~lol we good matter a fact Ima invite him over too

C.j~oooooooh y'all gon be all caked up and shii

Me~lol shut up and bring y'all asses over

Reese~ damn okay best wit yo mean ass

C.j~lol okay wife

After tht I texted them my address and texted Malak to come over he said give him 15 minutes tht mean I got fifteen minutes to convince king to let me have a boyfriend and let him cover here we go


King: what nigga

Me:u so mean but anyways come to my room please I wanna talk to u

King:all right crack head

Me:okay nigga roach

King*comes in the door*

King:watchu won't

Me:ummmm I have to tell u something

King:okay shoot

Me:I ummm..... I have....... I have ummmm.....

King:kaely say it

Me:I have a boyfriend


Me:come on King he's really nice and a honor roll student and athletic and plus I need someone to be there for me besides my brother for what I'm goin through right now

King:he's comin over huh😑


King:Alr w.e jus kno me and tht lol nigga gon have a talk

Me:daddy nooooo


Me:Srry it kinda slip I'm used to havin these kinda talks wit dad so Thts wht I got used too sorry

King: nah it's okay baby girl

Me:sooooo.....what about Malak

King:w.e kaely he can come but like I said we gone have a talk

Me:thank you King ur the best oh and c.j and Reese comin too

King:ughh why c.j loud ratchet ass

Me:cuz Thts my bestf nigga

King:w.e jus make sure them niggas stay in yo room or the backyard

Me:yes sir no get out

King:aye nigga this me house u can leave

Me: u wouldn't do tht to me

King: why I won't

Me:cuz u love me to much😁

King:u got me there

Heyyyy guys jus a lil sum I threw together since I haven't updated in a long time but I officially got my phone back so updates we be comin more frequently 



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