Chapter 14

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                                Kaelys pov

So after King left my room I went downstairs to grab a whole bunch on snacks and asked Ashley could I use her beats pill cuz I left mine at Michaels house tht would be the only thing tht I left there 😒 anyways a couple minutes later there was a knock on the door so I went to go get it and it was C.J and Reese and they was matchin and shii they was cute anyways C.J hugged me and then Reese did the same and then C.J walked in limping

Me~damn C.J Resse must of beat it up

Reese~well u kno how I do *pops imaginary collar"

C.J~nigga stfu I kno damn well u seen me twist my ankle out side stop tryna make it seem like u did something wit yo baby meat head ass


Reese~girl bye my d*** big u wanna see

King~*walks downstairs* ain't nobody bout to be pullin out no d**** in this house...... Kaely didn't I say keep them in yo room or the bak

C.J~hello to u 2 mutha fucker

King~this is why ion like u

C.J~did anyone say they liked u either

King~mane kaely take them in yo room

Me~lol ok King

We started walkin up the stairs and C.J turned around and flipped King off me and Reese jus laughed and shook our heads but as soon as I reached the top of the stairs the door bell rang I tried to run down the stairs to get there before King but he beat me to it

Malak~uhh.....hi is kaely here

King~yea I'm her big brother King

Malak~ummmm nice to meet u I'm Malak *hold out hand*

King~*ignores his hand* come on Malak we need to have a talk


King~Kaely u all ready knew this was gone happen so let me jus talk to him so he can get this over wit


We walked to my room while King tool Malak to his office I rolled my eyes and continued going to my room wit C.J and Reeese behind me when we got there I let them in and slammed the door and they both look shocked


Reese~girl yo room bigger than my living room and kitchen put together

C.J~yeah man wht King do for a living

Me~he a rapper like my da- I mean like his dad


After tht we jus put on music and was eating snacks and talkin about random shii Malak been wit King for a long time and I'm starting to get worried a hour passed and there was a knock at my door I opened it and there stood Malak lookin sweaty and scared

Me~bae wht did he do

C.J~yea u looked scared and tired asf

Malak~he made me do 400 push-ups and said if I couldn't do them then I wasn't man enough to protect u and then he pulled out five guns on me and said if I hurt u he gone use one for my head my heart my leg my shoulder and my d***

Me~I'm gone kill this nigga

Malak~nah baby girl it's coo atleast now I have his blessing and don't gotta sneak around


Malak~I love u babygirl

Me~I love u too babe

Malak~kisses her

Me~kisses bak

C.J took a picture and put it on sc and put goals I told her to send it to me and the. Thts when we jus all start talking then the subject I didn't wanna talk about no more came up

Malak~so babe r u ever gone forgive yo pops?

C.J ~hell no she better not

Reese~yea wht tht nigga did was foul

I didn't wanna talk about it anymore the more it was bout up the more hurt tht I felt I couldn't control it anymore I jus started crying hard I ran too the bathroom and locked it I pulled out a razor and prayed after tht I started making cuts on my wrist I started to feel better I continued to cut then I started getting dizzy and blacked out

                              Kings Pov

I was in my office when I heard screaming and yelling and banging on the door I went up stairs and I sounded like it was comin from Kaelys room as soon as I was bout to open the door C.J Reese and Malak came out panicking and crying I asked them wht was wrong and Resse told me wht happened as soon as he said tht I started panicking I hurried up and went to her bathroom door and tried to open it I couldn't so I ran to my room and got the key to open it and Whn I did I saw the most awful thing ever my baby girl was laying in a pool of blood wit cut on her wrist C.J started crying louder Whn she saw it I checked her pulse and she was still alive I quickly picked her up and ran to my car wit the kids following me we got in the car and sped off to the hospital please lord let my sister be alive was all I could say I jus hope she makes it

Hey guys hoped u like this chaper I worked hard on it


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