Chapter 16

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                            Kaely Pov

I woke up still is Malak's arms buh I had to use the restroom I tried to get up Buh he jus tightened his grip 🤦🏽‍♀️ I tried to move his arm and he tightened his grip in more Jesus 😭

Kaely-Malak wake up I have to use the bathroom

Malak-5 more minutes pleasee

Kaely-5 more minutes my ass get tf up *smacks him*

Malak-*smacks lips* come on now u ain't had to hit me that hard u hit like a man

Kaely-oh well now get up so I can use the restroom


Kaely-*pulls her hand back like she's gonna slap him*

Malak-Alr Alr man I'm up damn *lets her go*

Kaely-finally damn *goes to the restroom*

"Kaelys phone rings it's Michael"

Malak-*screams* baby yo dad calling u

Kaely-were in the same fucking room Malak why are you yelling Buh anyways he can wait

Malak-stop cussing at me 🙄

Kaely-*comes out the bathroom* I sowwy cry baby

Malak-yeah ahuh gimme kiss

Kaely-*kisses him* love you

Malak-I love you too baby girl

I called my dad back and he told me he called the hospital and they said I can leave early so he's coming to pick me up so we can go out and do w.e he has planned me and Malak watched tv for a little bit then We got in the shower and got dressed and allat then eventually my dad came to pick us up he dropped Malak off at home then started driving somewhere.


Michael-yes baby girl

Kaely-where are we going ?

Michael-Issa surprise baby girl

Kaely-ughhh can u jus give me a hint

Michael-no can do ma'am

Kaely-fineee 🤦🏽‍♀️

Like 15 minutes later we arrived and we was at six flags omg this is my most favoritetest places ever in the whole wide world I told him thanks he said np then we got out the car we got on every single ride there like 3 times each I had so much fun then it was about to close so we left then we went to Benihanas omgggg brooo this is my favorite restaurant we were eating  and then the pulled out this bag it was to jewelry boxes in there the first one was a necklace that had my name on it since I broke my other one and the second one was this beautiful rose gold crown ring is was sooo pretty

Kaely-thank you so much daddy

Michael-no problem anything for my baby I hope you know I truly am sorry.

Kaely-it's okay daddy



We finished the rest of our food and he eventually took me home I said thank you and then he left I walked in he house got in the shower and went to sleep today was a good day 😩✊🏽

Heyyy guys I am so so so so sorry I took forever and a million years to update Buh I've jus been really busy Buh I hope u liked this chapter 😊

XxBRExX~Muah 😍

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