Chapter 1️⃣

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   "Tygas Pov"

Today's the day after all the thinkin I'm finally going to adopt me a daughter jus cuz she's adopted doesn't mean I won't love her like she's my own cuz we gonna make tht bond to where she actually does feel like she's me own now idk how King is gonna feel about it but hopefully he won't be to mad  so I get up do my hygiene thing and get dressed tell I  King I'll be bak in about 2 hours and leave

"Kaelys Pov "

Today we have a "special visitor " as ms Jackson says coming to adopt someone I get dressed in the nicest clothes I have and put on the only thing left of my parents I have oh yea I forgot to tell you guys my parents died in a car accident when I was 2 I held on the the locket and prayed tht the "special "person would adopt me idk y I get my hopes up to high cuz Ik I'm never gonna get adopted but hey U can never have to much faith after I'm done getting dressed I go downstairs and sit on the couch watching tv while all the other girls are either outside playing or jus sitting in a group talking see told u I don't have any friends but anyways about 15 minutes later a man with a lot of tattoos comes through the door he has glasses and a SnapBack on so I can't rlly tell who it is but then all the girls start screaming and I jus sit there and watch he starts talking to Ashley then thts when I go upstairs bak to my room I told u i already knew I wasn't goin to get adopted i never do I guess I was mad I didn't notice until I slammed the door then it got quite for a second I ignore it and start singing promises by jhene aiko she is my favorite female artist then I here somebody clapping  then I stop and turn around

"Tyga Pov "

After I herd a door slam I go upstairs and here a girl singing promises she is rlly good so I decided to go in there and see who it is I then start clapping for her

Me-u have a really pretty voice

Little girl-ummm thanks ig. Wait you tyga😳

Me- lol yea I get tht a lot but y were you so angry tht u had to slam the door like tht

Little girl-ig I'm jus tired of everybody else getting adopted and not me I thought today was gonna be the day I finally do but I saw u talking to Ashley so I jus stopped trying and gave up

Me- well wht would you think if I adopted you

Little girl-Are you serious 😳

Tyga-yea and by the way whts your name

Little girl- Kaely

Me-well kaely whts your answer


Me*chuckles* - well Kaely get ready to leave all you have to bring is pajamas and clothes for tomorrow we'll go shopping tomorrow and get you all new stuff

Kaely- okay

I sign all her papers and shii and then we hop in my purple Lambo and head towards the house

Me-so Kaely how old are you


Me- oh ok how long have you been singing

Kaely-ummmm I've been singing and rapping since I was 5 and dancing since I was 7 and oh yea I play a little ball on the side to.

Tyga-cool ur rlly talented

Kaely-thx but now I have some questions


Kaely- do I have any siblings

Tyga-yes you have an older brother named King

Kaely-ok 1 more are u gonna take me bak to the orphanage if U don't like me

When she said tht it hit me hard I looked at her and saw hurt in her eyes this must have happened to her a lot tbh It hurt me that this happened to her multiple times she seems like a real nice little girl idk  y anyone wouldn't want her

Tyga- no baby girl I would never take you bak there ur my kid now u might not be my biological daughter but I'm gonna treat and love you like u r

Kaely- thx daddy *a tear falls out her eye and she hugs him from the side*

Tyga-no problem princess luv u baby girl

Kaely-love you too

I pull up to the house and is nervous about wht King is gonna say hopefully this goes well

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