chapter 10

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                                                                              you guys deserved it : )

                                                                                          kaelys pov

i woke up this morning to this dumbass bitch screaming at my dad askin him to get her some icecream like bitch tf anyways i finally got  outta bed and texted malak bak cuz i was sleep whn he texted me at like 5 in the moring like boy no im tryna get as much sleep as possible

*this is wht they have each other saved in as*

5:02 am~ Future: baby u up ?

6:36 am~ Wifey: im not ur baby and u should kno me well enough to kno im not bout to be up at no five in the morning

Future: lol u not my baby yet but ur goin to be soon so u might as well get use to it and lml u right i shouldve known

Wifey: im always right 

Future: girl u guessing 


Future:u was rrrr-wrong


Future: theeeyy'reee greeeaaattt

Wifey:lmao only u malak but u wanna match today

Future: anything u want my carmel fudge sunday

Wifey:ewwww why tht nickname

Future:  lol idk i like it 

Wifey:oook hold on imma send u a picture of wht im wearing

Future: ok baby 

Wifey:ok i did do u see it 

Future: hold on 

Future: ayyeeeee ight baby  i see u swaggin and shii 

Wifey: lol and wear yo mcm back pack 

Future: ok ill see u at school baby

Wifey: k bye

i didnt have tht much time to get dressed so i hurried up took like a 20 minute shower did the rest of my hygiene thing got dressed put on my chain and put on some lip gloss grabbed my phone my backpack and a couple snacks and went to my dads room to tell him i was ready we hopped in his rose gold lambo and made our way to the school the car was silent until i opened my mouth

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