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"Kaelys Pov"
Hi I'm kaely I'm 9 years old I'm Asian and Black I like to rap ,dance,sing,and play ball I'm a foster kid at little ladies orphanage all I really want is to get adopted permanently I've been here for 7 years and every time I get adopted they bring me bak. For y idek but hey I guess Its meant for me not to to have a mom or dad. Sometimes I wonder y I'm on earth I have no friends or family to love me and thts all I really want but anyways thts all to kno about me

"Tygas Pov"

Aye wus good y'all it's tyga aka t-raww I gotta 16 year old son king but I rlly want a daughter but yea anyways y'all kno the rest. Twos✌🏽️✌🏽

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