Chapter 5️⃣

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                          Kaely's pov

I woke up in the morning a thought to my self man I'm so lucky to have and dad and brother tht cares for me I've been here for one day and I already feel welcomed and part of the family I love them so much words can't explain how grateful I am. as I was bout to get out of bed my daddy came in the room

Tyga:baby girl get up and take a shower we goin shopping for u today

Me:ok daddy. And thx

Tyga: no problem princess ur gonna be gettin new stuff from me almost everyday now 

Me: u don't have to..... u adopting me was good enough u don't have to waste ur money on me

Tyga: Ik buh I want to I'm gonna spoil u idc wht no one says and I want u to me ur grandma today to Ill hold off on ur aunties uncles and meek cuz u kno...yea and I don't want u calling him uncle meek no more Thts not ur uncle

Me:*starts tearing up*

Tyga: no no no baby girl don't cry I'm srry for bringin it up I promise I won't anymore

Me: *sniffs*no it's ok I need to toughen up it was 4 years ago

Tyga: no it's ok for u to cry u were 5 and didn't need to experience anything like tht ever in life and for u to be so young is worse

Me: *breaks down* c-can we jus s-stop talkn bout it

Tyga: *comes to the bed* anything u want princess jus kno it's gonna be ok  *hugs her tightly* go get in the shower so we can go shopping and take your mind off of things

Me:Oky daddy love you

Tyga:love you more princess

                             Tyga's pov

My baby is scarred for life jus the thought of her being sad about tht makes me want to kill tht nigga I always knew it was something off about him. I gotta get my plan in action cuz trust and believe on my daughters life tht bitch made nigga will die I can't stand seeing the ones I love hurt and for them to be hurt by someone tht was supposed to be my "homie" makes it 10x's worst. But it's Gucci meek I got something for yo ass jus wait on it. Anyways after I walked out of kaelys room I went to kings room and told him to get ready



King: is kaely ok I heard her cryin

Me:nah not rlly but we jus gotta give it some time  she'll get better

King:I wanna help you

Me:help me wit wht son

King:kill meek.....I kno u not gonna let him get away wit tht and Thts my one and only sister and he hurt her  I can't stand the fact he did tht to her and I don't want him alive I want him to rot in hell and I wanna help u make tht happen

Me: I would let u help but if we get caught and go to jail  thn who would take care of Kaely and God forbid she's goin bak to tht orphanage whn somebody else could adopt her and do the same thing.

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