chapter 8

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                                                                                            1 week later           

                                                                                Tygas pov 

today i finally get out the hospital i cant wait to get home and be with my kids they decided to let me go home early. im  kinda in pain but its not as much as it was before. I also decided to stop this gang shii and focus on my rapping career cuz being in  a gang is not good for me or my kids me and i mean me and kaely was jus in a life or death situation bc on this shii so yea tht shii is over and done with.Summer break is almost up for the kids and they only got about 2 weeks left and i gotta get kaely registered into a school i think ima have her go to cimarron elementary (a/n thts the elementary school i went to and they live in L.A in this book get it got it good) and king goes to middle college (a/n yes middle college is a high school thts the high school im goin too you can graduate with ur AA and only have to do 2 years of college instead of the regular 4) right now im waiting on Chris to come pick me up i didnt tell the kids i was comin home bc i wanted to surprise them . about 20 min letter Chris was here they tried to put me in a wheel chair buh i aint need tht shii I signed myself out   walked to the car like a G

Chris:wassup man 

Me:shii a lot 

Chris:i see how this happen anyways 

Me:meek bitch ass he raped Kaely whn she was five and told her not to tell nobody or he would kill her but tht day whn she started crying it was because he was there so i asked her wht was wrong she didnt want to tell me but she finnaly did after a couple min but anyways he found out she told us and end up kidnapping her good thing i found her soon enough cuz he was bout to try to rape her again but anyways we end up fighting and he pullled out a gun so i did too but he knocked it out my hand and shot me in my head but king end up shootin him like six times so he gone but i almost died 

Chris:damn my nigga i always knew something was off bout his creep ass and i happy u made it bro bro buh dang king a fr O.G

Me:thanks i appreciate it man and ik fr fr

Chris:i remember whn he was little and i painted pandas a nd lions and shi like tht in his room and now he over here shootin niggas 

Me: damn *chuckles* i remember tht 

Chris:yuup yupp

after tht we jus listened to music and like 15 minutes later we was at the house me and chris got out the car and went through the back so we could scare the kids 

                                                                         King pov

me and kaely was playing just dance and i heard something bump down stairs i paused the game and i heard it again i went to my dads room and grabbed his gun and told kaely to stay there i went down stairs and walked towards the front door as i was walkn my god dad jumped on  my bak and and my dad came down stairs wit a screaming kaely 

kaely:omg daddy ur home 

tyga:yea bby girl i home did u miss me 

kaely: of course 

tyga: aww i missed u too princess 

me: hey pops i thought u had to be there for 2 more weeks and get off my bak man *throws chris off his bak*

Chris:damn nigga 

tyga: u dont seem to excited to see me 

me: no i am its jus tht i was going to throw a suprise party for whn u got home

tyga: ohhhhh srry for ruining ur plans son 

me: nah its oky pops im jus glad ur home no worries

tyga: thanks my nigga

me: no problem my nigga 

tyga: ill let u pass this one time

hey guys sorry for makin u guys wait but i dont have my phone cuz the dumb ass principle took it cuz i recorded and fight and told the girl swing bitch no im not bad but i missed almost all the fight this year and i rlly wanted to see this one but yea commet and vote love yall 


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