Chapter 4️⃣

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      King pov

I woke up to the smell of food and little arms wrapped around me. I sit there for a second wit my eyes still closed then finally I gently get out of the bed so I don't wake her up kiss her forehead and leave out the room. I go downstairs and see my dad cooking chicken greens Mac and cheese and cornbread damn I sho was hungry right about now. I try to reach for a piece of chicken but my dad slaps me in the bak of my head

Tyga: damn king chill its almost done ight

Me:ight man but a nigga hungry

Tyga:watch yo mouth

Me:my bad

Tyga: go wake up kaely and tell her to take a shower and get ready to come eat


I go upstairs to go wake up kaely I shake her lightly and she wakes up

Me:baby girl dad said go take a shower and get ready to eat


Me:*gets ready to walk out*




Me:*chuckles* for wht baby  sis

Kaely: for u kno caring about me I'm not rlly use to ppl caring for me

Me:Thts wht I'm here for baby girl *hugs her*

Kaely: *hugs bak*.

Kaely pov

I get in the shower for about 20 minutes brush my teeth and put on my pajamas I go down stairs and see my daddy cooking my favorite foods I wonder how he knew

Me:hey daddy

Tyga:hey baby girl....u feeling better


Tyra: well Thts good

Me:how did u kno tht those were my favorite foods

Tyga: I didn't kno till now

Me:oh okay

Tyra: yea...go get ur brother and tell him the food is ready


I go upstairs to get King but I hear him talking so me being me I listen....he was talking to a girl and he kept sayin I'm daddy I tried not to laugh it was hard but I managed to do it I eventually open his door and tell him to come down stairs and eat he said okay and told the girl he will call her later


King:yes princess

Me:can I get on your bak pleeeeaaaassee

King:*laughs* yea hop on *bends down*

I get on his bak and he carries me down stairs he sits me on the island in the kitchen and makes him a plate and my dad makes me and him a plate we were all sitting at the table talking and I remember wht I heard and whisper it to my dad he start bust out laughing and so did I and King sits there confused

King:Kaely tell me I wanna kno

Me:*mocks his voice* I'm daddy

My dad laughs even harder and falls out his chair King sits there looking embarrassed while I laugh

King:I thought we was coo kaely

Me: we are it was jus to funny

King:whatever I'm mad at u

Me:awwww I'm srry grizzly bear

King:it's ok teddy bear

Tyga: *finally stops laughing* woo shit tht was funny

King:mane w.e 



King:*glares at kaely*

Me: ok ok srry dad I'm on my grizzly bears side

Tyga:awwww I feel it

Kaely:ughhhh guys ur making my head hurt

King and tyga:*laughs*

Srry for keeping u guys waiting and srry if it was boring but this book is getting a lot more love thn my other one tht I deleted I want to say thx for the support I'm getting a lot of reads and votes but I would love if u guys would comment and srry for any mistakes


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