chapter 9

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                                                                    5 years later

                                                                                                kaelys pov

its been a while since weve last caught up so let me catch u guys up ok guys sooooo where do i start ummm well im 14 years old ik crazy right as u can see i hit a major glo up also i grew my hair bak out so its not shaved no more i jus felt tht it was a little kid look and i need a more mature one so yea and i actually cut my hair so its no longer down to my butt its like mid back now ummm what else ashley and king got their own house yes they are still together ik rite couple goals me and my dad have like the closest bond ever same wit me and king were like u cant seperate us i cry every time king comes over and has to leave  my dad has a girl friend and i hate her like i absolutely hate her i wish my dad cared about how i felt about her thts the only thing he doesnt pay attention to wht i care about like he even asks me every day do i like wht he is wearing but whn i comes to tht girl he doesnt give two fuks and to top it off the bitch is pregnant like come on now rlly doe she actually should be having the baby any day now and its a girl ugggghhhh i wanted to be the only girl in this family cuz now i feel tht my dad is going to forget about me and pay more attention to the baby like now im gonna be the middle child but if tht happens im gonna ask my dad and king can i live wit king and ashley cuz i cant stand being in a house when my dad doesnt give any type of attention to me ik he always wanted a biological daughter and now  tht he has one hell probably jus forget about me most likely he will any ways off of tht i have a lets say a mature body for my age my boobs and but are hella big and i aslo have a little crush and ik he likes me to his name is malak (yes malak watson ill post a pic of him) hes light skinned wit curly hair and he funny like there isnt a time when he doesnt make me laugh even whn im sad about something hes right there to make me laugh and cant nobody make me laugh whn im sad not even king but anyways right now im in my room and nikki keep yelling for my dad i swear if tht bitch wasnt pregnant i would have been beat her ass 

nikki-*yells* baaaaaaeeeeeeeeee

tyga-*yells bak* yes babe damn *

nikki- *crys* dont curse at me 

me-*yells* shut yo cry baby ass up damn ur annoying as fuck 

tyga-*yells* baby girl come here 

nikki- *yells* i cant im to big to walk up them damn stairs 

tyga- *yells* i was talkn to my daughter nikki not u 

me-*laughs* ha bitch u thought swerve 

nikki- whatever tht why u ad- i mean thts not nice u amazingly sweet little girl

me-* runs down thhe stairs bout to swing at this bitch* 

tyga-*hears her  running and runs after her picks her up and takes her bak upstairs to his room* look babygirl i can obviously see u dont like her whts the problem

me- she is jus way to needy and u feed into her bs and if u actin like tht now ik its gonna be worse whn the baby comes so can i jus go live with king and if he says no u can jus take me bak to the orphanage ik im over reacting but ive always been a daddies girl and  now ever since shes came into the picture its like  u still give me attention but its like more of it goes to her and i dont like tht cuz tbh something seems off about her like shes not normal

tyga- baby girl im not taking u bak to the orphanage and ur not going to live wit king i promise most of my attention will be bak to u im the next couple months when the baby is not tht much of an infant cuz ik for a fact ive been giving more attention to nikki i can see how thts not fair but baby girl i dont want u to feel like i love nikki more than u cuz i dont u were here first and u and king will always come first in my heart i love you

me-i love you more but until those couple months are over can i go live wit king i jus cant be in a house while its pregnant i  jus cant do it  

tyga-babygirl i rlly dont want u to leave 

me-ik daddy but i rlly cant stand her and she obviously not goin no where so i might as well be the one to leave 

tyga- ok baby girl if thts how u feel ill call king 

me-ok thx daddy i love you 

tyga-i love you two baby girl

he guys srry ik its short but im rlly sick so yea and im not updating again until i get 10 votes and 5-10 comments and not comments telling me to update 


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