Chapter 6️⃣

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Quick note this chapter will end very sad and some of u guys might get mad at me srry in advance

King Pov

After I told my dad about Wht happened wit Kaely I went to my room to take a shower. After I was in for like 30 min I got out and got dressed in some basketball shorts. I was bout to go downstairs but I gotta txt it was from a unknown number it said

                        TEXT CONVO

Unknown:Ik tht little bitch told you and Tyga Wht I did buh don't worry I keep my promises on my momma life she will die

Me:Well then it look like yo momma gon die thn cuz u not comin no where near my sister meek

Unknown:u funny bro tht lil bih is goin to die. Y'all to if u try to get in my way. I'm done here 

Me:come near my sister and Thts yo life bruh on Moses

He left it on read. I was beyond heated by now I gotta sleep wit her tonight cuz he is not comin near my sister. I tried to calm down before I went down stairs I ran my hands over my face breathed out and went downstairs. I saw my dad and Kaely makin up a handshake while the dog was sleep in her lap

Me:aye pops come in the kitchen for a sec

Kaely:nooooo we almost done wit our handshake

Me:Kaely it's important

Kaely:ok fine

Tyga:well finish later baby girl *goes in the kitchen*wassup

Me:*shows him the txt*

                    Tyga pov

After I read the txt I was dummy heated he is not comin nowhere near my daughter I wish he would lay a finger on her again I gotta hurry up and get my plan together. Quick fast and in a hurry this only her second day here and it's already fuckin drama damn y I can't live in peace. This shit is rlly irritating my soul.


King:pops calm your self she jus got over being scared of

Me: u right *goes bak in the living room*babygirl go get ready for bed

Kaely:but whyyyy I'm not tired and we didn't finish our handshake

Me:Kaely please jus go get in bed

Kaely:ok fine

King:sleep wit me tonight Kaely


King:u jus r ok go in my room I'll be up there in a minute

Kaely:yea w.e

                                 King pov

After Kaely went to lay down I went in the kitchen grabbed som Oreos,popcorn,soda,sour patch kids,and snickers I headed upstairs and saw Kaely Watchin madeas big happy family. She was laughing cuz madea slapped mr.brown in the head cuz he wanted her to hold him. I chuckled too and got in the bed and we started eatin the snacks and she was telling me about her mom and dad and all the ppl she been adopted by its crazy cuz she been through a whole lotta stuff more thn me and she 9 and I'm 16 she asked me to sing her to sleep so I sung her favorite song promises ion kno why but she Fr loves this song she soon fell asleep on my chest (not like tht)

                         4 hours later (still King pov)

I woke up cuz I had to pee Kaely was still on my chest dang u would think she was dead she don't move in her sleep at all but anyways I got from under her to go use the bathroom I was thinkin bout bringin her to my dad room cuz of meek but I mean the bathroom is only across the room shouldn't nothin happen whn I went into the bathroom I heard something bump and Kaely scream I tried to hurry up and open the door but it was hard Cuz I was washin my hands and they had soap on them as soon as I got out the bathroom she was gone I yelled broke down and cried I gotta soft spot for this little girl my dad came in the room and saw wht happened punched the wall and yelled and did the same thing this is some bullshit man and can't believe tht happened I wasn't gon for no more thn 3 min and she's gon I knew I should've took her to my dad room

Tyga:*mumbles*ik how to get her


Tyga:Ik how to get her

Me:how thn

Tyga:whn y'all was sleep I put a tracking device on y'all

Me:so wht u waiting for pull it up

                       Kaely pov

I woke up in a room tied up to a chair it a dark room I was scared I called for my dad and King  and then the devil himself walked into the room

Meek:hey Kaely long time no see u kno it's been a long time since I had sex wit a little girl u kno......he bout we go for a round 2 *touches her cheek*

Kaely:get ur hands off of me dumb bitch

Meek:woah I see u gotta a smart mouth now it's ok I'll fix tht *kisses her neck* remember this Ik u do cuz u snitched on me not to long ago

Kaely:*crying* get off of me before my dad and brother kill u

Meek:they're not really related to u sweetheart

Kaely:yes they are you asshole

Meek:still talkn smart I see *tries to pull down her pants*

Kaely:*scream* GET OFF OF ME

Jus thn my dad and brother bust in the room Ik they would come "DADDY" I screamed "it's ok babygirl I gotchu don't worry" he said meek turned around and punched my dad my dad punched him bak and he fell to the floor King came and untied me from the chair he pulled me to the corner my dad and meek were still fighting meek pulled out a gun and my dad did too they were staring at each other for about 15 seconds my dad knocked his gun out his hand and was about to shoot him but meek turned it around and my daddy end up gettin shot in the head King ran picked up the gun and shot meek six times in his head 3 his stomach 2 and his chest once I ran to my daddy and he was closing his eyes slowly dying King called 911

Tyga:*says softly* I love you babygirl and I love you Son be good for King,Kaely

Then he closed his eyes I screamed and cried this is all my fault if he would have never adopted me nun of this would have ever happened I'm always causing trouble and don't even mean to do it King came and held me and we both cried and waited for the ambulance and police to come once they got hear they put my dad on a gurney me and King followed them in my dads car whn we got there we say in the waitin room waiting for them to give us the news  Michael Stevenson  me and King stood up

Doctor:well I'm rlly srry to tell you this but your dad passed away u can go see him if u want

I broke down and cried King shed a few tears too he picked me up and asked the doctor would he still be hear tomorrow he said yes and we went home I cried my self to sleep and King did too

Srry to end the chapter tht way guys 😕 but comment and vote


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