Chapter 1️⃣1️⃣

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Quote of the chapter:throughout life people will make you mad disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do because hate in you heart will consume you too

                         Kaelys pov

After school me and Malak talked for a little bit and then it was time for me to go home cuz King was textin me askin where was I at. When I got home King and Ashley where there sittin on the couch and my dad was sitting in the chair and they was talkin then they got quiet and jus stared at me when they saw me

Me-ummm did y'all see a ghost or something

King- girl shut up and come give me a hug

Me-*gives him a hug* king I missed you I haven't seen you in forever

King-I missed you too princess but girl I jus seen you on monday it's Friday

Me-Thts a long time

Me-hi Ash *hugs her*

Ash-hey kae how r u babygirl

Me-could be better but I woke up this mornin so I ain't complaining

Ash-lol girl u a trip

Me-hey pops

Tyga-hey babygirl and since when u start callin me pops

Me-since like 30 seconds ago duh

Tyga-well ion like it make it seem like u to grown to call me daddy *not like tht for the ppl who think wrong out there*

Me-I'm fourteen dad

Tyga-tht ain't grown

King-anyways kaely we were talking about u movin wit me and Ashley and I agreed cuz u kno I love u but we also agreed tht u would come to pops house for the weekends cuz u kno me and Ashley need tht alone time if u kno Wht I mean and pops still wants to see u

Kaely-first off ew ur nasty and second why can't pops jus come over ur house for a couple hours if he wants to see me and third u act like I ain't never heard somebody doin it before do u kno who our father is

King and Ash-*bust out laughin*

Tyga-I mean hey u kno how i do *pops imaginary collar*

King-yea right anyways kaely pack ur stuff tonight cuz I'll be here in the a.m to pick u up 


King and Ash-*gets up to get ready to leave*

Me-*gets teary eyed* no please don't leave King

I told y'all I cry every time he comes and has to leave I'm really attached to him like if he were to die today I would kill myself jus to go see him

King-I have to princess I have to go get
the stuff ready for when u come tomorrow

Me-*sniffs* okay *hugs him tight*

King-I'll see you in the mornin princess I love you

Me-I love you too bye grizzly bear

King-bye teddy bear

After King left I went upstairs to my room and face timed Malak and started packin my stuff waitin for him to answer one he answered I put my phone on the night stand and continued to pack

Malak-hey beautiful

Me-hey bae


Me-packin I'm moving to New York

Malak-Wht why didn't u tell me this sooner babe I'm gon miss u like crazy

Me-lmao calm done crybaby I movin wit my brother

Malak-kaely don't fuckin scare me like tht

Me-no need to curse *laughs*

Malak-anyways why u movin wit ur brother

Me-long story I'll tell u later

After a couple hours I was done and I was laying in the bed finished tellin Malak why I was movin wit King

Malak-damn bae Thts deep

Me-Ik......but I'm gettin sleepy

Malak-so go to sleep babygirl

Me-wit u on the phone

Malak-uhhhhh duhhhhh

Me-boy don't duh me

Malak-yea yea go to sleep baby I love you

Me-I love you too

Soon enough we both fell asleep wit each other still on FaceTime today was I good day I love my life besides the simple flaws

Finally got my phone bak so updates will come more frequently and  the new characters will be in the next chapter don't worry guys luv y'all


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