Chapter 3

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(King in the media)

No ones pov



Kaely- *hides behind tyga*

Tyga-whts wrong babygirl

Kaely-*shakes her head and runs upstairs *

Tyga-srry guys idk wht happened *follows her *

Kaely-*in her room balled up in a corner crying mumbling to her self* no plz dont hurt me im srry plz plz stop im srry stoooooop

Tyga-*shakes kaely* baby.....babygirl whts wrong....KAELY

King walks in

Kaely-no stop dont yell ur gonna put ur stick in me like he did arent u

King-*face turns red* kaely who put their stick in u *says
through clenched jaw*

Tyga- *face softens but thn gets red* kaely tell us now

Kaely- i cant he is gonna kill me if i tell

King-*starts breathing uneven and punches a whole in the wall*

A/N:as u can see king has anger issues and gets attached to ppl really fast

Tyga-baby girl nobodys gonna kill u jus tell us

Kaely-promise not to tell

Tyga-i cant promise tht



Tyga- king get out ur scaring her ill tell u later once she tells me

King-*walks out and slams the door*

Kaely-daddy is king gonna hurt me like he did

Tyga-no king will never hurt u baby Jus tell me who put their
stick in you

A/N:King told everyone to leave

Kaely-*breaths in and out* ok get comfotable cuz its a long story....ok sooo whn i was five this guy adopted me he treated me like a princess and his gf did too a couple days later his gf left for work and i was in my room watching spongebob he came in my room and turned off the tv he unbuckled his pants and climbed on top of me he started rubbing on me and licked and sucked my neck and i could feel this bump in his pants on my leg i asked him to stop but he wouldnt *starts tearing up* he told me to shut up and let him statisfy his self i sat there and cried then he slapped me he kept sucking on my neck and left a mark there then he put his hands in my pants and put his finger inside of me i cried cuz it hurt rlly bad but he ignored it and kept putting in in and out i cried harder and harder then finnaly took his hand out i thought he was done but then he ripped my clothes off and took his off too he took off his underwear and pulled out his stick he came up to me and tried to put in in my mouth i closed itt but the he slapped me thn i screamed and he put in my mouth he kept moving to put it in and out i was choking and crying he finally took it out my mouth and put it in my private area he was making this grunting noise it felt like i was ripping in half he kept going harder and faster and i screaming and crying louder and louder he finally slowed down and pulled his stick out and this white stuff came out of it he put on his clothes and told me if i ever told anybody he would kill me then walked out my legs was hurting rlly bad....later tht night i jumped out the window and ran away the ppl finnaly found me and took me bak to the orphanage *now fully crying*

Tyga-*gets rlly mad but looks at kaely and calms down*
baby girl im so so sooo srry tht never in life will happen to u again i love u *pulls her into a hug*

Kaely-*still crying * i l-lo-love *sniff* you too..tell ki-king im srry f-for ma-m-making him mad

Tyga-bby girl he not mad at u he jus mad tht somebody hurt u


Tyga-but i have one more quesstion who did it

Kaely-uncle m-meek

Tyga-*bout to punch the wall but then remember kaely* here baby girl get some rest i gotta go talk to ur brother *Lays her down and walks out mad as hell goes to king room and tells him everything *

King-so u saying uncle meek did this shii to her man not even uncle no more u saying meek did this to her

Tyga-yea man

King-*starts breathing uneven again*

Tyga-king calm down


Tyga-man im just as mad as u r but u need to learn how to control your anger jus go talk to her she thinks ur mad at her

King-*goes to kaelys room* babygirl


King-im not mad at u ok i love u and jus couldnt stand the fact tht somebody hurt u

Kaely- i love u too king but please i dont want to see u like tht again

King-ill try my best *about to walk out the room*

Kaely-king wait


Kaely*gets up and hugs him* can u lay wit me please

King-*hugs her bak yea com on*

They both lay down and soon fall asleep

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