Chapter 12

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nikki in the (mm) *no disrespect to rihanna buh i couldnt think of nobody else*

                                                                                     Kaelys pov

 I wake up to kings loud ass busting in my room singin i aint get no sleep cuz of yall yall not gone get no sleep cuz of me

me:nigga how u aint get no sleep cuz of us and u was in at yo house in yo bed without havin to hear nikki bitchin all night 


Ashley:*comes in* king im srry but ima end up beatin yo dad gf ass 

kings:idc be my guest ion like tht hoe

Kaely:atleast im not the only one who dont like tht ugly ass rat *again no disrespect*

we all laughed 

kaely:im serious i woke up and she was in the fridge creepin for some cheese no lie 

king and ash: *bust out laughing*

tyga:*walks in* what yall laughin at 

all three of us:....THE RAT

Tyga:*lowkey laughs a little*  

King:dad ion kno wht u see in her

Tyga:tbh.....kaely close ur ears

me:*closes ears but can still hear*

Tyga:she jus got some good coochie

Me:ewwwwwwwwwwwwww u fuckin gross

Tyga:watch yo mouth....but hey its true i been hittin tht even while she was pregnant 

me: omg somebody jus kill me know *fakes like she passed out*


everybody ecept nikki:ughhh

Nikki:oh shutup my water broke help now*yells*

Kaely:who tf u yellin at 

Tyga:Kaely jus chill come on help me get her in car

me:hell no im not gettin no nasty coochie juice all over me 

tyga:*looks at king and ashley*

both of them: HELL NO 

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