"Well we already have Eren so.."

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Sorry for the long wait, please forgive me. Enjoy. And my drawing skills aren't as good as others.

As the conversation about whether Faramond should and can stay or not, he sat quietly staring. "H-how am I still a-alive?" He thought to himself. He was too focused on his thoughts to hear what was being said.

"If he can't stay then what are you going to do with him hm?" Petra spoke up after you had finished "She has a point ther-" Hanji Interrupted "He could be another experiment for me" Erwin cringed slightly seeing Hanji drool at the word 'Experiment', chuckling quietly he said "Yes, yes you are right but I am still not convinced.." Levi mumbled something under his breath then began to speak while closing his eyes and crossing his arms over his chest slightly leaning his head down as If he were looking at his own feet but keeping perfect posture, "We have Eren, and" His tone seemed to thicken, seeming as If he didn't want to continue with what he was saying, "We can keep him somewhat under control. I don't really see why we couldn't have another, use them both to our advantage"

He shrugged shifting In his seat uncrossing his arms and opening his eyes, seeing everyone looking at him somewhat Impressed with his Input. All except Eren sitting there looking down at the table, a little embarrassed about what Levi had said about him.

Erwin cocked an eyebrow, also Impressed, seeming convinced, "Well?..." Petra asked, breaking the silence. Erwin stood up and sighed "Fine, but I'm not sure the others will agree so he can't be turning Into a titan around anyone except us"

Everyone's gaze moved to Faramond who was In the corner sitting quietly. Levi made his signature 'Tch' and looked away. Faramond, hearing the sound, slowly looked over and nodded.

He was happy but the memories kept coming back....

Faramond stayed in the corner as everyone left, Including you. He began to tear and sob quietly to himself. "W-why d-did this happen?" He chocked on his tears, whimpering slightly.

He then hugged his knees to his chest leaning his head against the wall. Before he closed his eyes, It was something on his arm. It was the symbol of their group they had made when they were all younger, and didn't understand anything, not death... not life... not even the world above the underground. The 'UMZ' they had all carved on their arms. Seeing that made him sob louder.

He fell asleep there, his thoughts slowly fading as he drifted slowly off to sleep.

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