. Chapter 11- Experiments and Explanations Part 2 .

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May contain some blood, violence and cursing so if you wish to not 'read' these, skip over it. I won't mind.
~ sorry about another authors note.
In front of you there were three men.
You stared at them not blinking.
You blinked once. When you did so they moved out of the way and a taller man approached. He looked like your father.
"So how's your father?" his men started laughing. Levi, eren, mikasa and Armin were in the corner of the room. They were trying not to make any movements or any noises. Levi was listening closely trying to make out what they were saying. Eren was giving them glares. Mikasa was trying to calm Armin down.
The tallest man, obviously the boss of the men, stepped forward and stroked your hair " oh such a great experiment you were. Sadly you were taken away from us." You were still not moving, he smirked at his men " we have come to take you back". He grabbed a handfull of your hair and then let go. Levi looked like he wanted to attack them for doing that.
You stood there still and quiet. ' if I am supposed to be an experiment and supposed to have some 'power' maybe I could......' You trailed off.
You looked at levi, eren, mikasa and Armin then down at the floor.
You took a step forward still looking down. The men backed up but the boss stayed put.
"Now I have a couple of questions for you. Answer them and we won't have to do it the hard way." You lifted your head up. Your eyes were closed. You opened them and smirked at the men. You blinked and your eyes turned the silver color with the red lines going down to the middle of your nose and the black viens. Eren seemed kind of freaked out. You turned to them and put your finger up to your mouth "shhhh...." You turned back to the men. You walked up to one of them "question one" you stared up at him " do you know what this experiment is capable of?" You walked in a circle around him. You got up behind him put one hand on his upper chest and one under his chin " I'm not gonna ask again" he started " n-.." With the twitch of your hand you broke his neck in under five seconds. "To slow" you closed you eyes and walked towards the other two as his limp body fell to the floor. " see I don't think I know what it is capable of but would you like us all to find out?" You smirked at them. They stared at you in fear and nodded their heads in a no motion.
You shook your head and stared at the floor " well that is to bad isn't it" you slowly looked up at them. "Cause I want to see how it works" you smirked. You a reached out to touch one of their heads and they backed away. "Come on now there is no reason to be afraid, unless you would like a reason" you put your hand on his back and whispered "here it is" you shoved your blade through his stomach and out his back.
You felt a drop of blood hit your cheek as he coughed up blood.
The other pulled out a knife and pointed it at you. You took a small step towards him and he cut your arm. You didn't flinch you just slowly looked at your arm and then at him. "Oh that stung maybe next time you should try a little harder." You took your blade and rammed it though his stomach twisting it around so it wouldnt get stuck. Blood covered your face. "Get in here!" The boss yelled. Around thirty men ran into the room. Levi and mikasa got their blades out as men cornered them. "Kill them and get the experiment." You glared at him. One grabbed onto armin's arm and was trying to pull him away from the group.
"Let him go you bastard!" You ran at him, but before he could even turn to look at you his arm had already fallen on the floor along with his limp body. They were all targeting the group. " leave them alone! Don't touch them!" You ran at the group of men. Eren grabbed mikasa's arm and pulled her back levi taking a step backwards. You ran in between two of them with your blades up in the air, in the process cutting off both of their heads.
There were five men cornering you. You watched their every move. Two attacked you from the front and back.you stuck out your blades and blocked their attacks hoping you could keep their blades from slipping and cutting you. You sweeped them all off their feet with a swift movement of your leg. You spit at one of them "I taste your blood" then you glared at one putting your blade beside his neck as he lay on the concrete floor. You slowly moved your blade towards his neck. You went in a complete circle cutting every neck of the men laying on the floor. You turned and looked at Armin to make sure he was alright but there were men holding him with a gun at his head.
You looked at the man. He was shaking. You smirked at him and he flinched. "Now" you closed your eyes and looked down then looked back up and opened your eyes. They blinked. You took the time to run at one and grab his throat. You then did a backflip off the wall and threw him on the ground. You stabbed him in the stomach. You killed the other guy with ease. You walked slowly around the one that had Armin. Once you gpt behind him You took your leg and kicked him in the back of his knee. Causing him to drop the gun and let go of Armin. The man reached for the gun. You stepped on his hand and grabbed the gun. Mikasa and eren ran to help Armin. You reached down and picked up his gun, still standing on his hand. " plea-" before he could finish his sentence you raised the gun and shot him in the head
You turned to look for the boss but he wasn't there.
You fell onto your knees in front of all the dead bodies that were pilled up. You covered your face with your hands. Eren walked over and put a hand on your shoulder. Before you could react you passed out.
"She must have passed out from all that power" Armin said gripping his head as mikasa helped him up.
Eren was about to pick you up when levi walked over. "Move brat." Eren stood up and walked towards mikasa and Armin.
Levi leaned down and stared at you. He brushed a strand of hair out of your face. Then he proceeded to pick you up bridal style.
"Alright we got the journal?". "No I think she dropped it in there" eren pointed towards a room. Levi walked in still carrying you and grabbed the journal. "So maybe he was good for something" levi muttered to himself while walking out. "Come on let's go back to HQ brats."
Levi walked out of your old house with you in his arms.
While unconscious you had more memories come back from the psst to haunt you.

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