. Chapter 5 - Errands..? [part 2] .

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Momma never told me how to love.
Daddy never told me how to feel.
"Just get out, leave for all I care! At least I do care!" You held your hands over your ears tightly listening to your mother and father fight. "Your right maybe I don't care! I don't care about you!" He snapped back harshly. You squeezed your ears tighter. "I care about her, the little girl sitting in her room listening to our fight!".
Momma never told me how to touch.
Daddy never showed me how to heal.
"Don't even say you do! Its probably just like all the others we are keeping!". "I would care enough to stay here and put up with you just to take care of her!". You cringed listening to the fight. Tears threatening to spill out of your eyes." That's right you wouldn't care enough to take care of your wife, the one that gave life to her!". You rocked back and forth hugging your knees to you chest.
Momma never set a good example.
Daddy never held mommas hand.
"I wouldn't touch you, not even to hit you!", your mother began crying and raised her voice. "Good I don't want y-you touching me any way!" Her voice cracked in the middle of the sentence.
Momma found everything hard to handle.
Daddy never stood up like a man.
Your mother grabbed a fist full of her own hair and sobbed, putting her head down in shame. "You know, you should stand up and be a man sometimes. Instead of being like this!" You mother yelled still hanging her head down. Your father walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him.
So far in my life.
Clouds have blocked the sun.
Everything went down hill after that night. Your mother and father hardly talked. They also didn't stand nor walk close to each other. These things made you worry about what was going to happen next. You were already living in the underground, hardly any sunlight shone through to the concrete ground.
They told me I'd never survive.
But survival is my middle name.
They would began to get closer to each other some more, but there were still fights. Hopefully the would not began to hit each other. Still times were going down hill. There were more bandit raids and father had to work extra shifts. He still wasn't making enough money, there was hardly anymore food. Your parents and you still lived through it.
Its hard to tell the truth.
When you've always lied.
"Whys do we have to keep lying to her?" ," you know why don't be fool!" Your mother and father wishpered trying not to wake you. "I'm not a fool! Its just getting hard to tell all these lies instead of the truth.", "well we are to far into what we are trying to do to quit, so stop complaining. I have to stay late tomorrow." "Alright I will keep telling the lies only if it gets easier." Your mother finished.
How do you love someone.
And make it last.
How do you love someone.
Without tripping on the past.
"What did I tell you! I told you those bandits would find us!" Your mother shouted quietly so you wouldn't over hear. "You said to play it cool and lie, you said it would stay in the past just continue on!" He wouldn't answer her would even look at her."what are we going to tell (Y/n)?!" "Nothinb , we will lie." Your father said trying to hold in his emotions. " this is what got us into th-" " like I said before there is 'no' turning back now!" He said with irritation in his voice.
That night before the bandits were supposed to kill your mother and father, your father did as he said he would and stayed late that night. Still worried and irritated he worked throughout the night.
A man in the shadows of the room approached the table in the center of the room and set his hands on the edge of it. His hands were colossal and muscular. Probably could brake someone's arm. He chuckled quietly, " how is the experiment working?" The man asked "its going fine, no signs of her having heard aches only nightmares. Also there has not been a change in her eye color. I am thinking it will happen when she is older." ,"good." Your father looked over at a type writer it was a letter. Once the man left your father went and looked at the letter. At first it was discussing you and the experiment. As he letter farther it read....
" I have hired you to kill the parents of (Y/n) (L/n).
Kill them while she is watching. One of my men will grab her and take her away to me.
If you fail, things will not go good for you.
I will make sure my men have no mercy. Now go on and get ready for tomorrow at the shop.
Make sure you arrive on time. Get the job done and you will be rewarded you know what will happen if you fail."
It wasn't signed. It was a letter written to the bandits. His boss had hired them, and the were going to take you. Your father ran home as fast as his legs could carry him. Once he arrived he took your mother into the room and told her what he saw then showed her the note. She sobbed shacking her head repeating the word 'why' over and over again. "Like you said there is 'no turning back now. There is no escape from what we are in. Our deaths are coming and there is no change in that. Can't turn back now." Your mother said staring at your father in his eyes holding his hands, still crying.
I think there will be one more part to this and then back to the normal story. Should I tell you who wrote the journal and who hired the bandits, along with who reader-chans father is working for? Should I answer the question please but I think I will anyway.
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