. Chapter 12- Training with Hechiou .

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You awoken to a normal day.

You opened your eyes slightly seeing light peek in through the window. You turned on your side facing away from the window.

"Ngh uh" you stretched and yawned while stepping out of bed. You walked slowly towards the window and looked out it for a couple of seconds until you were interrupted by a small knock on the door. It was Petra.

"Cadet its time for the morning meal" Petra said softly and quietly through the door. "Alright I will be out in a second".

You heard footsteps walking away from your door.
You then put on your uniform and pulled your hair up into a ponytail.

You opened the door and proceed to the dinning hall. You walked into the dinning hall. it was so quiet in which it caused an echo when you walked in. Everyone turned and looked at you.

You looked down and proceeded to walk to your seat.

You walked past eren who was talking to eld, oluo and Petra.
You overheard something he said "(Y/n) was so badass. She took on like 30 men" you just lowered your head more.

You pulled out the chair and sat down. There was a silence as you reached down to grab the bread off the plate. You jumped slightly when you heard Levi's voice. "Cadet," you tried not to stutter "Yes corpal" you lifted up your head slightly.
"When its training time I would like to train with you. No questions please." He stood up and walked off disappearing down the hall.

You took small bites of the bread. You looked over at Sasha and Mikasa. "Sasha, you want the rest of my bread?" You handed her the bread. Her eyes widened as she ate the bread.

. Time skip to night- training .

You sighed and walked out to the training ground. Your head was down. You hadn't noticed Levi was staring at you as you walked towards him. "Oi! Cadet head up. Watch where you are g-" you ran right into him. You knocked him off his feet. He hit the ground first you following after. You opened your eyes and your faces were inches apart. "C-corpal sir, I am so sorry" you brushed a strand of hair out of your face. You tried to get up but when you did you felt a squeeze on your side. "That's alright cadet" you stood up and helped him to his feet.

. After Training .

"(Y/n), (Y/n)! I need you to come with me" hanji came running outside towards you. She grabbed your hand but before she could drag you away levi grabbed your other hand. "Hanji she will be there in a second. I need to tell her something" hanji ran off waving goodbye. Levi got close to your ear. You felt his breath on your neck. "Come to my office after hanji is done with you" then he got closer. You thought he was gonna do something but he let go of your hand and walked off. You stumbled forward and covered your ear while staring at him as he walked off.
You proceeded to hanji asking your self over and over 'what does he want?!what did he do that for?!'

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