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. Chapter 9 - Welcome .

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. Your POV .
I began to wrap my leg up to my side again. Because when I woke up it was falling off. A knock came at the door which caused me to look up. " yes?". "(Y/n) captain Levi has instructed you give a speech to the new cadets. You knew what he means by speech." Petra said through the door. "Of course. I will be out before time." I smiled. She was right I knew exactly what he meant by 'speech'. I have seen him give one before. It is quite amusing. Seeing those quiver and shake with fear when he approaches them. Now it is my turn. I hope I do not fail. Wait back up. Why is he asking me to give it when he could. I shrugged. Oh well doesnt matter at least he is letting me.
As I walked down stairs and outside ,to see lines of cadets, I couldn't shake of the questions running through my head. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't shake them away.
. Levi's POV .
I was standing off to the side. Near where the speech would be given. Waiting. The whole area went from normal talking to whispers then to silence. The only sound was uniform boots hitting the ground. I looked over. I looked at the person from their boots up. Uniform was perfect. It was (Y/n). Surprised they got quieter when she comes in than when it is me. All of the cadets saluted. (Y/n) stood there. Giving each and every cadet a glare. Watching their every breath and move. She looked at their uniforms. When she saw on that wasn't perfect she would look to the next cadet. "Now," she raised her voice and cleared her throat. "Enough with the saluting," she glared at a red headed cadet. "You have showed me enough respect." She glared at the girl a little longer. I looked at the girl. Her face said 'its fine she won't hurt me. I'm brave' but her eyes said 'Death awaits. she is scary'. She is doing a good job. "Welcome to the scout regiment. Those who are here will be tested to see which superior you get."," some will get picked before others," she cleared her throat and raised her voice again " but that does not mean you cannot help humanity. Those who did not come here or joined another because they wish to not face the enemy are cowards!" Some of the cadets cringed. "Do you not agree!?" She jumped off the platform and began circling around the lines of cadets. She stopped at one and looked them in the eye. "Do you believe that they are cowards?" She raised an eyebrow. "I said do you?!" The cadet panicked at the sound of her voice. The cadet shut their eyes and stuttered " I-i do believe that those who did not come to the scouts are cowards!" She gave the cadet one last glare and walked away.
She approached the platform and did a front flip onto it. In the process sshe turned around and faced the cadets. "Now why don't we meet your superiors.", " Erwin smith our commander will now take over from here". "But before I go," she closed her eyes and smirked. "Welcome to the scout regiment!" She walked slowly off the platform as Erwin walked on. " First........" Erwin began as I walked off. Hanji ran up to me. "What do you want?" I said continuing to walk. "Glad you decided to let her? Hmm, are you?", I continued to walk away not answering her. "Hey, I asked you a question.", " and I didn't answer." I said continuing to walk to my office.
Once I got there I started on my paperwork. After a while there was a small quiet knock on my door. "State your name and business". "(Y/n) and I wanted to talk to you." She didn't stutter. "Enter" she walked In and sat down. " sir I wanted to ask if I did the speech correct I me-" she looked to the side. "I know what you mean," I didn't look up" and yes you did it correct" she stared at me"good job". She started " I wanted to ask yo-","dismissed". "But-" " I said dismissed, I'm busy" I pointed at the paper I was writing on, continuing to write.
She sighed and walked out of my office. I sat up straight in my chair. "Ngh" I gripped my head. There were multiple things flashing in my head. One was (Y/n). She was using her gear to kill titans. Then there was the underground. The images went by so fast I couldn't hardly see them. The last one was a journal inside a desk inside the underground. When my head stopped hurting I let it go and shrugged the images away. I continued my work.
. Your POV .
I did it. I jumped in the air. Yay I did it correctly. But I wanted to ask him a question. I wonder why he wouldn't let me. Maybe tomorrow after training I can ask him. Its been getting harder to sleep. Hanji said it was because of the silver liquid she gave me. She says that although she says she doesn't know what really happens when she uses it. Sometimes I don't understand. Petra says never to question her or she will rant on and on telling you why and what. It has happened before. That was before petra told me to not question her.
Later when it was time to lay down a loud ringing came. I covered my ears and hit my head on a wall to try to make it stop. I walked over to a small wall mirror and looked into it. I let go of my ears and opened my eyes. Under my eyes were red lines going down and stopping at the middle of my nose. My eyes were silver with small red and black pupils. I blinked and fell to the ground when I hit the ground the ringing stopped and the area around me went black.

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