. Chapter 1 - plan... failed?! .

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"Corpal, Corpal sir" Petra said while knocking on the door. "What do you want brat?". " commander said its important and you need to get ready now, he will tell you the details on the way" Petra half yelled. "Tch. Go on I will be out in a little while". " Sir!" Petra said saluting and running back to where Erwin had instructed of her. "Levi, you remember some people talking about that new group in the underground?" Levi cringed at the word " yes what of it?"," well they have a plan, but we don't exactly know what it is all we know so far is that they have three people and they need to be stopped.". " but those three are very skilled and they taught themselves how to use the gear, well there leader, sh-" ," wait she there leader is a girl?" Levi interrupted. " yes she taught herself and she taught them." "Well well sounds a lot like me." Levi said smirking. " now everyone get your gear and go search the underground. Levi,Petra and I will wait to attack and remember don't kill them we want them alive. Don't just stand there get going come on!"
So far everything is going to plan. Everyone and everything was in its right place. You looked over at Sacnite she was signaling someone was walking into the store that Halvard and Faramond were in. You pulled your hood over your head, Aaliyah and Daisuke followed your  action." Now come out, wouldn't want one of your friends here to get hurt." You looked over at a blonde man standing over Sacnite with her head down tied up. "Let her go you fool!" Halvard ran out of the store pulling put his blades while running at the blonde man. Three men jumped down and grabbed Halvard before he could reach the blonde man. Of course Faramond was stupid and ran out to save him, causing the two to get tied up along with Sacnite. "Alright I want you guys to try and hold them off as long as you can while I go after our prize" you said quietly. They nodded and flew down to the ground following your order. " the plan is failing.", "yes, yes it is and your going down with it." You didn't get a chance to look over because you were kicked in the side causing you to land on the ground hard. You got up quickly determined to get what you were after, and determined not to fail. The sound of 3dmg gear being used could be heard from above. You pulled out your blades as you were stopped by someone dropping down in front of you. " I was given an order not to kill you.", "and I have no intention of dying." He ran at you with his blades you dodged and began running the other way. You used your 3dmg gear to run up the side of a building. Until your wires were cut by the blonde guy from earlier. You attempted to get up only to have the blacked haired man to step on your back. He then began to  talk to the blonde man. You were then tied up and put along side your friends. "Now what do we have here?", the black hair man said. " what is your name?", you put your head down and didn't answer." He pointed to one of his men, he then raised a blade to Aaliyahs neck " I said what is your name?" You slowly looked up at him acting like you were going to answer but instead you spit at him. He jumped back. One of the men grabbed your head and pulled it backwards then pushed it forward almost making it hit the ground until someone stopped your head from hitting the ground "stop, brat we don't want to ruin this face of hers don't you remember the order you were given?!" " now take those four to the other side of the barracks I will handle this one" they saluted him and ran off with your friends. "I'm Erwin that's Levi and Petra." The blonde spoke up. " now can we have your name?" Petra asked looking down at you. You just starred at them." Okay fine we will get that later." Levi said picking you up over his shoulder. You didn't move you knew that the planned had failed and just like he said you went down with it.
- Time skip after interrogation, introducing yourselves to everyone and training -
"Now brats chose a horse and name it quickly so you all can go to bed" everyone ran to different horses. Your eyes were only on one but sadly it was tied up on the other side. " what are 'ya doing that horse has not been tamed." " you just kept walking " oi, did you not here me that thing is crazy" you still didn't listen. You approached the steed slowly and carefully not to make any sudden movements. " shh, its okay boy it's okay." You stroked the horses nuzzle. " that's it its alright, now what's the matter." Everyone was starring at you in awe except Corpal Levi and commander Erwin. The horse pounded at the ground with its back left hoof. " ah, I see now I'm going to see if I can help don't kick me back there." You slowly went to the back of the horse and carefully picked up its leg. You saw a rock lodged in its hoof. You pulled it out as fast as you could hoping to not hurt him. " now see that wasn't that bad" you said patting its neck while walking around the horse. He let out a neigh as if to say thank you . " oi, don't just stand there brats tell us your horses names and go back to the babarracks! You over there you come with me when your done." " sir!" You said saluting. " ah so you can salute properly. " Erwin said. Everyone had got the names of there horses. Sacnites was named Arundel and was red, brown and white. Faramonds was named El Borack and was peach and white. Halvards was named Row and was white. Aaliyahs was named Rocinate and was brown. Daisukes was named Xanthippe and was brown and yellow. You named your horse Pegasos which he was brown, black and white.
You walked back to Levi your friends had already left to go back to there place. You put your head down. "Come on brat." You didn't move" don't make me throw you over my shoulder" you still didn't move" fine then" Levi picked you up and put you over his shoulder. He began to walk to your cell. He set you down and pushed you in the cell locking it once it was shut." Where are my friends, where did you put them?" You asked Levi quietly while holding onto the bars of the cell. "Other side of the barracks, they will be fine.". " just promise me that you won't send them on any missions outside of the walls without me please promise me?". "Okay I promise brat now get to sleep" Levi said taking a seat in a chair near your cell. You laid down and kept repeating 'plan failed, I'm sorry' to yourself until you fell asleep.
In the last chapter 'Utsukushī Mada Zankokuna' means beautiful yet cruel.
Also I hope you guys are liking it so far, if anyone is reading it anyway.
Chapter 2 will either be updated tomorrow or today if I get a chance it takes me awhile because I write it on paper first then I type it.
Also the four other characters I made up they are not in the show, Faramond, Halvard, Sacnite, Aaliyah and Daisuke.
Adimn out.~

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