. Prologue .

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"Mama, papa!" You cried throwing your hands in the air running to hug them. "(Y/n), we missed you" they both kissed your head and proceeded to walk inside, holding both of your hands. "Papa" you said looking up at him, "is your work fun, you know helping the military police unload there supplies?" Your father chuckled and got down on one knee "of course it is honey", he ruffled your hair with one of his free hands, you giggled and looked over at your mother " mama can you brush my hair and put it up please?", you begged cutely. Your mother laughed and said " of course dear come along to your room after dinner and sit beside your window, then I shall put up your hair, okay?". "Yes of course mother after dinner." You said sweetly
-Time skip to after dinner-
You started to skip to your room humming. You arrived and did as your mother said, which was 'sit down beside your window'. You waited for a little bit until your mother came into the room with a brush and a few hair ties. "Alright dear, I will put your hair up and then change into your night clothes." Your mother said tilting her head smiling at you with her eyes closed. "Okay mama" you turned and faced the outside of the window. Your mother began to carefully run the brush through your thick hair as she hummed a lullaby she would always sing to you. "Mama", " hmm?" Your mother hummed. "Why do we live in the underground? " you ask still looking out the window. "Don't ask silly question little one you know exactly why." Your mother responded sternly. " I apologize mama but, have you ever been up there, up above the underground?", "no I have not, but your father has, maybe y'all can talk about it tomorrow.", she said putting your hair up in pig tails." But right now it is bed time. Stand up so we can put your night clothes on." You did as you were told and stood up letting your mother put your night clothes on one by one. She kissed your head, looked down at you and smiled " you are truely beautiful darling." She brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. You laid down in bed as your mother tucked you in. She leaned down and pushed her hair behind her ear and kissed you on the forhead . "goodnight my little one see you in the morning." You yawned and turned over on your side, "goodnight mama". She left the room and closed the door as you drifted into a deep sleep.
- Dream -
You looked around as your eyes fluttered open, seeing you were in a chair In a very dark room. Faint and blood curduling screams could be heard from every corner of the room. " Mama? Papa? " you began to tear up at the sight before you "Mama?! Papa?!" You screamed seeing your parents on the ground... Dead. The place around you began to shake and you heard your name being called over and over again.
"(Y/n), (Y/n) wake up! " you hear as you began to open your eyes slowly. You were sweating really bad. Your eyes began to focus and you saw your father hovering over you with a worried look on his face. You jerked up and hugged him. You started to sob into his chest. He began to pat your back trying to sooth you "shh, its alright I am right here, you just had a nightmare. It wasn't real." You pulled back and looked at your father. You reached out your hand and stroked his cheek, "I-im glad your o-okay." You sad quietly in between sobs. Your father put his hand on yours and set them down on his lap. "Yes, it was just a nightmare, would you like to sleep with your mother and father? ". You put your head down and nodded. He picked you up, with your head on his shoulder, walking to their room. He sat you down carefully and brushed your hair out of your face, then kissed your forehead. He got in bed " good night sleep tight darling". You snuggled up close between your parents feeling warm and safe as you drifted off to sleep.
- Time skip to morning -
You stretched and yawned, realizing that you were in your parents bed. You sat up seeing the sheets spread across the bed, you giggled " what a mess". You stood on your tipy toes and reached across the bed to fix the pillows, the. You fixed the sheets, not realizing your mother and father were watching you. Your father ran up behind you and picked you up carefully, not wanting to drop you, and tickled you. You closed your eyes and began to laugh, "S-stop... T-that....tickles" you say in between breaths. He set you down on the ground and kissed your forehead. "Change and then come downstairs to eat breakfast" , he said as he and mother walked out of the doorway and downstairs.
- Time skip to after breakfast -
You were changed and ready to go into town in the underground, which you haven't done often. Your mother and father said they had some things to get and you were determined to go with them. "Mama? Papa?" You twirled around in a circle facing them. " how do I look" , "you look beautiful now let's get going so your mother and I can have enough time to-......." "To run some more errands" your mother filled In an answer for him while staring at him. They grabbed your hand and started to town. Once you arrived your parents went inside of a shop, but you decided to look around. You stopped when you heard someone scream "Run!" You turned in the direction of the scream. It had come from the shop your parents were in. You ran towards the shop and peered inside to see thugs with knives at your parents necks. They mouthed ' I love you' and then the thugs sliced there necks. You choked on your own breath unable to speak as blood splatted all over you. When you were suddenly jereked up off the ground by someone. "You can't just stand there like that k-" he was cut off when he fell to the ground knocked out cold. You also fell along with him but you were still conscious. You couldn't get up, nor move. You didn't want to anyway. You closed your eyes not wanting to see the cruel yet beautiful world.
Soon after your eyes fluttered open seeing you were in a room you sat up and gripped your head. " woah, woah don't sit up so fast." You slowly laid back down. "Who are you and where am I?". " well I guess I could tell you, Im Daisuke and this " he points at the girl behind him, " that is my friend Aaliyah." ,"We told you our names now what is yours?" " I'm (Y/n), (Y/n) (L/n)" you said as you sat up rubbing your eyes." Now where am I?" ," you are at our secret hideout" Aalieyah spoke up. " and its very safe", Dasikue added to her statement." Please do the honor of staying with us and becoming our leader and our best friend? ", " I would be honored to become your leader and your friend-" ," best friend " Aalieyah corrected. " yes I apologize, best friend. Also might I ask what the group is called?" , "ah yes" Daisuke said thinking " it doesn't have a one yet at least , since your the new leader how about you come up with the name?" He stated. " well how about 'Utsukushī Mada Zankokuna' ?" "Ah yes what a beautiful name" Aalieyah said closing her eyes. " that's a pretty good name I don't think I could ever come up with that" Daiskue said. " well if we are going to be a group we need an anitiation for it so people know we are part of the group." You said playfully hitting Daisukes arm. Aalieyah ran off and grabbed a knife . she then handed it to you. "Thank you, now we will each carve the letters of the group name into our arms. I will go first." You dug the knife into your skin and carved a U, then a M and then a Z. Once you were finished Aalieyah and Daisuke starred at you with awe. " okay that is enough staring who's next?". after they finished each of you entwined each others fingers into each other hands. " now our group is official and nothing will break it."
- Time skip -
- 15 years later -
" alright each and everyone of you nows the plan, now we are going to need someone to look out" one raised their hand" alright Sacnite you know where to be and what to do get a move on" , " now Faramond and Halvard you will be disguised inside a shop,you know what to do and which shop now hop to it.", " before you all leave the plan is to try to not kill people all we need is what we are after got that" everyone nodded. " Aalieyah and Daisuke you guys come with me, I have a feeling this plan will go exactly right or this could end in a complete disaster. " you smirked slyly and walked out to your position with Aalieyah and Daisuke following behind you, you looked around to your group nodding at each of them, waiting for the moment to start. Soon enough the underground will remember the ' Utsukushī Mada Zankokuna'.


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