. [ edited ] chapter 3- my eyes wont open .

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. Dream .
"Mama, papa!" You smiled with your eyes closed. "Look at how fast I can spin." You said spinning in a circle while smiling with your eyes closed. Your mother was sitting down beside your father looking and poking at the flowers surrounding her. You ran up to them with your arms out asking for a hug. They stood up, but before you could reach them they fadded into black ash and a red substance that looked like blood. You looked around confused and shocked by what was happening around you. The scene was changing into something else. Your friends that's what it was, there deaths were replaying in front of you.
. Levis POV .
I rubbed my eyes, just waking up from my nap. I looked over at (Y/n)'s cell, the image of her holding onto me replayed in my head. She was so warm, wait?! Snap out of it Levi I shook the thought away. She looked like she was about to roll off the bed. I got up and walked towards the cell. Every step I took I could hear sobbing coming from the inside.
. Dream .
It had fadded once again like the other one. This time it was Petra and Erwin getting eaten. Only this one was going slow taking its time to sink in.
. Levis POV .
" Petra I think the cadet is having a nightmare bring be a wet rag." Petra came and handed me the rag. I stepped inside the cell and reached out to shake her, trying to wake her up. "What are you doing you can't do that, you have to comfort her till she wakes up" Petra looked almost concerned about her . "Okay you can go now I think I got it." With that Petra ran out. (Y/n) was sweating bad and she was crying..? I leaned down and picked her up bridal style, sitting down while holding onto her. I wiped her forehead with the rag.
. Dream .
The scene fadded once more, only this time it didn't show anything else it just went black. The dream was coming to an end.
You were awake but everything was black and you couldn't see. You couldn't open your eyes. You felt like you were being held. Whatever it was you grabbed onto it and held on tightly. "H-help me." You sobbed into its chest. " I-i can't open my eyes." You began to softly cry. Whatever it was it began to shake you slowly.
It felt as if it happened before, you knew what this felt like, this is the way your father used to wake you up from your dreams. You felt the presence of a hand reaching out to run its fingers through your hair.
"Let me go stop touching me!" You jumped away of whatever you were sitting on and landed on the floor.
. Levis POV .
What happened why did she do that? I asked myself.
"Cadet are you alright?" No answer.
But I did catch a glimpse of something on her neck.
I reached down and moved her hair that was attached to her neck.
She was breathing slowly like she was sleeping.
That wasn't the only thing I could see , there was a bite looking mark just under her ear. It wasn't noticeable before.
. End of Levis POV .
You were out for a while,but when you awoken you where in the corner hugging your knees to your chest staring at the wall not blinking. Levi approached you about to touched your head when you screamed "dONT touch Me!" Scooting closer to the wall. Levi surprised , but not showing it, by your action grabbed your arm and pulled you towards his chest holding onto you tightly. "Let me go ! Stop touching me!" You screamed kicking your feet in the air while hit to arms trying to get him to let go. It was no use he wouldn't even loosen his grip. You began to lose energy, not being able to move anymore. You closed your eyes, not falling asleep just accepting defeat.
Levi layed you down and pulled the blanket over you. He was confused about your actions , but you knew exactly why you did what you did.
You werent ready for tomorrow especially if it involved something to do with the others. Which you knew that it would. You were just going to have to deal with it.
You fell asleep hoping you wouldn't have another nightmare.

Well there you go third chapter finished. I hope you are enjoying this because I am enjoying writing it. So see you later I will write the fourth chapter hopefully tomorrow.
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