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. Chapter 10- Experiments and Explanations .

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Hey you guys. Just a quick authour note. This is the chapter where I, the admin, will reveal who 'unknown' is. Just thought I would tell you.I'm a mean admin-chan. Please do not hate me for who it is ;-;. I'm sorry. Hope you enjoy.
//sorry for the authors note. Just thought I would tell you before the chapter begins.
. Regular POV .
"so you are telling me that (Y/n) has something to with the reason I saw the images?" Levi cocked an eyebrow. "Yes that is what I am saying," she put hands together "what exactly did you see?"."Tch. Fine whatever. I saw a journal In the undergroun-" hanji's glasses had a glare on them, shading her eyes. " We need to get that journal," she fixed her glasses "Will you go get it and bring it back. It probably has information that we need." She stood up "(Y/n) might know something about it so why not bring her and a few of the new cadets."
Levi stood up and left the room, not commenting on hanji's statement.
There was a knock at your door. "Yes?" You said quietly. "There is something hanji needs and I would like you and a couple of the new cadets to tag along". You opened the door and saluted him, "sir! I will accompany you while you retrieve whatever it is you are going after". You walked down the hall with him towards the area where the cadets stay.
It was easy for him to choose since the cadets have had many training sessions. He had chosen mikasa for her speed and agility, Armin for his intelligence and eren well because he insisted he would be with them where ever they go. Technically they all did the same. Each would not leave each other.
Eren walked forward to catch up with levi. "S-so what exactly are we going for?" Eren caught his breath at the end of his sentence. You continued walking listening to there conversation. Mikasa and Armin were talking quietly. "A journal" levi closed his eyes and then opened them after a couple of seconds. You froze, and they turned to look at you. "A j-journal?" You blinked a couple of times. "W-where is the journal?". "In the underground, why?" Levi furrowed his eyebrows. You shook a little "I know what journal you are talking about. Where did you learn about it?", " I saw it, when I had gotten a headache I saw images." You gasped "lets get going I know where it is."
When you arrived at the underground levi and you stayed up front while eren, mikasa and Armin stayed towards the back. You anchored towards a wall to get a view of where your house was. You squinted "I think I see it come on." You sipped towards your old house the others following behind. When you arrived you landed carefully on the ground and started walking towards the house slowly. It looked like it had been set on fire. Along the corners of the house there were burn marks. Memories came back as you walked closer. You looked around the house to see if anyone was watching. No one.
You walked in the others trailing behind. You walked into your room, as the others looked at the items in the house. You looked in the desk side table. There was nothing there. After searching a couple of other rooms you became impatient.
"Where is it?!" You quietly yelled. You walked slowly and quietly towards your parents room. Visions of there deaths flashed through your head. You shook them away as best as you could. The house was quiet hardly any sound. You reached towards your fathers side of the bed and dragged your hand across it. You opened his bed side table and there was the journal. You picked it up and looked at the cover. It was dusty and looked very old. You blew the dust off of it and opened to the first page.
It had entry's with the date of when it was written. There were many pages you read each and every word trying to figure out who and what it was about. You came to a page that read
'This experiment will cause the change of genes throughout the body,
The person this is used on will have a change in eye color,
The eyes will change to a gray or silver color with black veins, which are barley visable and are caused by the fluid from the expirement. They may have a red outline but that is only on one condition...........'
- Unknown
Most of the page was ripped, but what you saw when you skipped through the rest of the book, to the second to last page, was so ething you wouldn't forget.
Someone had written a note that said
'Under influence of violence and hatred may trigger the power hidden inside the fluid. If this journal is ever found do not give it away tell no one about what you have read. There is no turning back from what you have read........"
You skimed through the rest but at the bottom was a signature.
It was your mother's signature. She had written the journal.
You flipped back to one of the pages which told about what had happened to you. How your father had to use you as the experiment. How he sat through your scream and did not even flinch at the sound of your screams. Multiple entry's told about many things that had happened and that your parents had kept from you.
You flipped back and stared at the signature.
Your mother and father had lied the whole time. She had written it. Father had done this to you. Although you didn't know exactly what it was or what it was talking about.
The house was still silent until there was a sound of glass shaddering.
You shut the journal and ran towards the sound.
Standing there was something you wish you wouldn't have to face.
You looked down at the broken glass and then back up at the persons face.
You couldn't believe who was standing there. It had all happened so fast you didn't know what was coming next.
There shall be a part two. Sorry about the cliffhanger. Thank you for reading.
Hope you enjoyed.

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