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. Chapter 7- Seeing the past .

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. Hanji's POV .
"Hanji are you sure this won't kill her?" Erwin asked me while I mixed a silver liquid. " I am sure even though I haven't tested it a lot it hasn't killed nor harmed a human." I said looking up at him. "Exactly. So you are still going through with this. I don't see why (Y/n)." . " you doing have to see what I am doing this for, I just need a test subject and she was willing." I rolled my eyes at him and looked back down at the liquid continuing to stir it. "Alright let's go-" I jumped backward when I spilt some of the liquid. "Wouldn't want to touch that." I chuckled. I started walking out towards (Y/n)'s room.
"(Y/n) we have a meeting so when you are finished come down and meet us." She took the cup from my hand. She looked at the liquid and swirled it around in the cup. I don't think she noticed but she spilt some of it. I watched the drop fall down to her foot. Touching the liquid would sting and burn through skin. She didn't flinch. She didn't move. I looked back up at her. She had her normal expression. It didn't hurt her. She drank it slowly. As if it didn't want to go down. Then she handed me the cup back. "I'll be done in a little bit, okay?" We turned and walked out.
"Erwin," I kept looking forward "hmm", "she didn't flinch. That will burn through skin even if it slightly touches it. She wasn't hurt. Even though it burnt through her jeans and touched her skin. I didn't see what happened after that though." . Erwin stopped "what are you getting at?" He cocked his eyebrow. "I don't exactly know yet. Although it does fascinate me." I continued to walk towards the destination.
. Time skip .
. Regular/your POV .
While I was getting ready I noticited a burn, a hole in my jeans. I examined the hole it had burned through them and touched my skin. I pulled up my jeans and looked at my leg. There were black lines trailing up my leg. I rubbed my finger over it. It did not hurt. I didn't feel anything. I guess I better hide it well. I folded the jeans with the hole in them and set them down so I could fix them later. I got changed and put my hair up. I looked at myself to make sure I was presentable. I wouldn't like to embarrass myself... again.
I walked down to the meeting room I stepped in and saw levi staring at me. I immediately looked away and continued forward. I think he was trying to tell me 'don't screw up again', but I couldn't tell. I sat down and looked at erwin. He began to talk. I was paying attention, I always do after what had happened to Aaliyah and everyone else.
My head began to hurt, but I tried to hide it as best as I could. The pain began to get worse. "Commander s-" you fell to the ground and gripped your head.
"Hanji," he looked wide eyed at her " what does it do?!" Erwin screamed "I said I didn't know, she said she was willing to do it." Hanji defended herself.
Petra got up and rushed over to you. She looked down at you and put her hands above your shaking figure. "(Y/n), (Y/n) are you okay? Can you hear me?". You didn't answer. You were still gripping your head and turning back and forth.
. Flashback .
Ashes that is what was visible. It was dark. Every now and then there would be titans shown eating people then back to ashes. There was faint whispering. Them it stopped the was another scene it was you in a chair in a dark room screaming for someone to stop. You couldn't see their face. They where using a needle to inject a silver liquid behind your ear. They turned around and wiped their eyes, they were crying. You took a good look it was your father. Ashes. Then another scene it was a journal with a note on it. It went away to fast for you to read it. Ashes then it all faded.
. End of Flashback .
My eyes shot open. Petra scrambled away and stood behind erwin "what, what is wrong with her eyes?! What is wrong with her?! Why, why are her eyes silver red and black?!" Hanji stood up, " holy, what is that?! ". You blinked and they were gone. You looked away and scrambled to your feet. You ran and got your gear. You pulled your hood over your head and anchored towards a tree.
Levi grabbed his gear and ran after you. "Oi! Get back here" he increased his speed. "L-leave me alone!" There was a sharp pain in your leg. You looked back and down at it. The pain became worse once again and you fell out of the air. You rolled on the ground over and over until you finally stopped.
Levi sipped down towards you. "Oi, brat I said to come back!" He glared daggers at you. You began mumbling stuff to yourself. "Father.......silver liquid.......journal...." You kept on mumbling to yourself. Levi scooped you up and brought you back to hanji's room, which was half lab half room. He sat you down on her bed. She looked at your leg where the liquid hit. There was a black stain on your jeans. She lifted them up and gasped. "Levi l-look!" He looked over noticed the black lines running up and down your leg. "What happened!?" He mumbled some stuff to himself the only thing she made out of it was " hurt........ My.........you.....brat....". "Fix it bandage it do something. You want to experiment with her right? Then don't let her die." Levi walked out while hanji bandaged up your leg.
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