. Chapter 2 - You said you wouldn't! .

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"Ugh." You yawned while stretching and sitting up. You stood up and rubbed your back " that bed is worse than the ones in the underground. "You looked over seeing Petra starring at you." Good morning petra .", "oh good morning cadet." "Were you here all night?" ," no Levi and I switch shifts throughout the night. " ," oh okay were is everyone I can't hear any movement from up there?" "Oh I think Levi is up there but I think everyone else is on an expedition."." They are what where! Why did they go?!" You held onto the bars and began to shake back and forth. "Levi?! Cadetbwont calm down she is acting crazy." Levi ran down and stood beside Petra starring at you." What did you tell her Petra?" Levi said sounding a little irritated. "I said that everyone went on an expedition." "You did what of god no. Cadet?!". " Levi you promised you wouldn't send them out! I need to go out there and help them they could be dead by now! LET ME OUT NOW! I need to get to them!" You almosted started crying but you held back." Cadet, Erwin has everything under control, plus I can't let you out by yourself we would have to go with you." "I don't care just let me go to them please?!" Your tears threatening to spill out." Tch." Levi came towards your cell and unlocked it. You ran out putting your gear on. You ran outside to the stables seeing everyone's horse gone you got on Pegasos, Levi and Petra following with you. "No, don't be dead please!" You said whisper yelling to yourself. You ran out the gate Levi and Petra leading the way. Petra pulled out a flare gun and fired a red burst. Knowing what that meant you looked around seeing the titan running for yall , you stayed calm knowing it wasn't going to catch up to soon. You saw a big patch of trees with a variety of titans surrounding them. "Petra go ahead and find Erwin tell him we are outside the walls. Cadet you stay with me." 'what is going on where are they?!' You thought to yourself. Levi took a turn but you didn't follow. You were set on the trees. Luckily Levi didn't see you not follow him or he would be mad at you. Looks like he was going to look for Erwin to just trailing behind Petra. When you were only a little bit in front of the trees you saw a lot of blood. When you got closer you saw Halvard and Sacnite in half holding hands. "Dear go no, no, no!?" You didn't cry, you tried at least. "Help me!". " you looked over and saw Faramond in a titans grasp. "Faramond, hold on I'm coming!" You jumped off your horse and attached your wires to the titans neck, but you weren't fast enough. "HE-" the titan took a bite of him and swallowed him whole. "Damn you bastrad die I say die!" You cut the nape of its neck. You landed down on the ground on top of the titan and looked around. There were over twenty-five titans probably around thirty-seven. You hooked onto another titan and sliced its nape continuing the process for about fifteen more titans. You stopped to a second resting on a tree. "(Y/n)! Help, please don't let me die!" You looked over and saw Daisuke about to get eaten hanging over a titans mouth. "I'm coming hang on please!" You flew over and threw your blades at its eyes making it scream in pain. Daisuke fell into its mouth before you could get to him "No stop dying," you got more blades from your gear and cut the titans stomach." You not dead you are okay I'm here" you reached in feeling the heat and grabbing his arm and pulling him out on you shoulder while slaying the titan. You landed on the ground and set him down you closed his eyelids. "Damn you bastards " "(y-y/n), please help me I don't want to go" Aaliyah was on her horse trying to get away from a crawler. " Aaliyah hold on I will be there in a second!" But before you could even get up and in the air the titan swiped at her horse causing it to rear and fall on its side crushing her leg. She screamed out in pain and mouthed 'I'm sorry' and the titan bite her head off and her body lay under the horse twitching. "Die all of you!" You screamed throwing blades at some of the titans eyes getting more and cutting the titans nape. You landed on the crawler that killed Aaliyah. I stopped and began to run in a circle you still holding your ground on its head. You stopped on its head "why did you eat her? Did she taste nice did they all taste nice! Answer me you fowl creature!?" You hooked onto its nape and killed it. There were still twenty or so. You skillfully killed all the rest landing on the ground, blood on your face blood on your clothes, your hair a mess and clouds of smoke were all around you. "Oi, anyone there, oh cadet is there anyone alive,hello?" Levi asked. "Who killed all of these titans?" Petra asked. You didn't speak up up you just continued looking at all of the dead bodies. Levi approached you "did you kill these by yourself?, is there anyone that survived?", you looked up at him and began to mutter quietly " no they are all dead all of them every single one", then you yelled at him " I told you not to let them out on missions yet not without me!" You began to mutter to yourself again "I couldn't save them , they are all dead!" Erwin approached and put a hand on your shoulder" did you kill all of these, by yourself?" "Yes commander sir," you said weakly saluting. They didn't looked surprised but you could tell that they were shocked. "Erwin this is over fifty-three titans!" Petra said almost yelling "I believe so, Levi take her back to her cell and get her a bowl of soup. Cadet you need to relax." "Y-yes commander Erwin sir" you said weakly saluting again. Levi reached out his hand or you to take, you accepted and stood up walking towards Levis horse. "Corpal where is my horse?" You asked weakly. " we don't exactly know someone always goes out and finds them if they get lost during a mission." Levi got on his horse and offered you his hand to help you up on it. You got on and rested your head on his back. You were dizzy and could hardly see, but you thought you felt him tense up and he looked like he had a hint of red across his face. -Time skip after you got back to your cell-
You lay still looking at the ceiling of your cell thinking about what happens today and in the past. 'Why did it have to be them?! Why wasn't I fast enough to save them?!' You thought to yourself before you couldn't keep your eyes open no more. They shut and you fell asleep.

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