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. Chapter 6 - Errands...? [part 3] .

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The morning had come faster than it should have. Our fate was destined and it was coming quick. We knew what they wanted, but we wouldn't let them have it, we would protect it. It was you and the journal. Your father not telling your mother nor you about it, he was the only one that knew they wanted it.
"I'm coming no matter what." You told your parents. There was no convincing you to stay, because your mind was set and you were determined to go with them. No matter what they tried it never worked. Nothing ever did. Your father believed it was because the experiments or just you being you. They were worried still. Mostly about what was going to happen once they were gone. How would you react? Your father hoped he would get a chance to tell you everything. He knew there was only a small chance but he would try. Fate wasn't coming it was waiting. They were going to their fate. No turning back only move forward.
"How do I look?" Your father smiled at you, "you always look beautiful darling" he was trying to keep it all in but something slipped," now let's get going so your mother and I can have enough time to-....." You father looked at you mother wide eyed as if to say 'sorry it slipped please help'. "To run some...... Errands" your mother hesitated, looking over at you father.
We walked out with (Y/n), her still not knowing what was about to happen to her parents or what has been happening.
Once we arrived at the shop, (Y/n) ran off to look at the other shops. I stared at her for a while thinking until I was brought back by a tug on my arm. It was (Y/n)'s mother she was nodding her head towards the shop. We stepped inside the shop, your mother stopped and looked at three men lined up along the back wall of the shop. I looked over at her and put my hand on her shoulder. I could tell she was scared. I had to admit I was to. I gave her a sympathetic look signaling her to keep going. I looked down at the ground hoping they did not see us nor recognize us. One of the men stepped off the wall and pulled out his rifle. He walked slowly towards your mother with a smirk plastered across his face. She stopped and stared horrified. The man , never taking his eyes off her, shot the shop keeper. Blood hit her face. I watched the limp body of the shop keeper hit the counter then fall down on the floor. "Run!" Someone screamed causing everyone to panic and run. Your mother turned towards the door and ran. She almost made it out until one of the men grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. He sat her down on her knees and put a blade up to her neck. She was crying.
I was horrified. Defeated. I dropped to my knees and put my head down in shame. Another man ran up to me and put a blade up to my neck.
'There's no going back now. There's no escape. Only move forward, and if this is going forward then so be it'. I muttered to myself trying to fight back tears.
I had an idea but I doubt it would work, because we never tried it during the experiments. I had to try it. '(Y/n)! Come to the shop we were in!' I yelled in my head.
You heard something well not really heard. Your mind had heard a command and obeyed. You ran towards the shop and then stopped once you saw your parents.
I looked over at (Y/n)'s mother and nodded. 'I love you' we mouthed chocking back tears. As if they were waiting for us to finish the scentence they sliced our necks after we closed our mouths. Our limp bodies fell on the ground. The last thing I saw was blood cover (Y/n)'s face.
I wasn't sure if anyone could see us but it didn't matter. I leaned down and whispered in (Y/n)'s ear 'run', but before she could move someone picked her up and started running. That was the guy that was supposed to tale her to my boss. He tripped and fell on the ground knocked out. (Y/n) wasn't. She was still concious , but she wasn't getting up she just closed her eyes and layed there with her eyes closed. After a few minutes two kids, a girl and a boy, came and took her to an old and abandoned shop. For some reason I felt she would be safe with them. They would take care of her and she would do the same for them. It was as if I had finished what I needed to I disappeared into thin air.
Hey guys sorry for the wait wattpad kept deleting my chapter ;-;. So sorry guys
Hope you enjoyed. Also I will tell yall who 'unknown' and 'we' is later on in the story. Finally back to regular story. No more parts to the chapter errands. Yay!
Thanks guys

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