. Chapter 14 - W-who came back? .

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Levi brushed a strand of hair out of your face and kept his hand behind your ear.
He got closer to your face and you got closer to his.

His lips brushed against yours.

There was a knock at the door. You both jumped away from each other and made it look like nothing was going on. Then came Erwin's voice.
"Cadet and corpal some of the cadets that went to capture a titan for hanji found an abnormal and its not even noticing the cadets even though it blocks their attacks. It is coming this way so make it fast."

You and levi jumped up and ran out the door towards the stable.

You picked up the pace and jumped over the fence doing a front flip onto your horse.

"Hyaa" you kicked the sides of your horse causing him to jump over the fence.
"Cadet (L/n), this way" Erwin pointed and stood up slightly on his horse. Causing the horse to pick up the pace.

The ground was shaking slightly. "Erwin you said that is an abnormal correct?" Levi said staring into the distance where the thuds were coming from. "(Y/n) you stay back until levi and I get on one of the trees with the rest of the squad then we want you to help cadets get the abnormal." Erwin said while leading levi towards a large tree. "Yes commander sir." "Alright (Y/n)," you began saying to yourself "stay on the horse stay focused you have got this. Don't die"

You looked up ahead. Levi and erwin were on the tree. Then you squinted and looked to the side. There was a multiple number of cadets attempting to cut the nape of its neck. It was huge but not colossal titan huge. You were to focused on the size you didnt hear someone talking about you. You looked over and saw someone anchoring onto the tree where erwin was. They slightly yelled, you were now able to hear them, "commander sir the abnormal titan seems to be going for (Y/n) it is still not paying any attention to us"

You looked back at the titan. She was right the abnormal was coming straight for you. It wasn't going its full speed. You smirked "come at me" you kicked the sides of your horse causing it to run a little faster knowing your horse would stay at the speed you anchored towards the abnormal titan. You looked at the cadets seeing a few you knew.

"Mikasa, eren I want you to go on each side and stay there until I say to cut its sides. Hook onto it and slide your blades down from the side to the mid thigh. Got it? good." You used some more gas and flew towards its face. "Over here." You flew sideways towards its mouth and when it went to bite you did a roll sideways away from it "Now!" You yelled anchoring around its neck back to the front.

When they made the cut the titan slowed its pace. You didn't notice but erwin and levi were in awe.

Your eyes went gray with the red streaks down to your mid nose. "Now," you closed your eyes then opened them letting your gas go causing you to go backwards. "What is that brat doing?!" levi yelled about to fly towards you but erwin stopped him "stop let her" levi gave erwin a cold glare.

"Hey there bud how about this on for size." You quickly pulled out two blades and did a spin turning to face the abnormal and stabbed it in the eyes. You smirked and dropped down onto its hand running up his arm. "Alright one more cut" you were focused on pulling out the blades when eren yelled "(Y/n)! Look out" you did a back flip off of its arm and anchored onto its chest.

Levi still wanted to help. Erwin held him back.

The titan yelled as if it were in pain. Hanji whispered to erwin " That doesn't sound good".

"(Y/n) look ou-!" Levi yelled but before you had a chance to look over at him the abnormal grabbed you.

You didn't panic but stared at its eyes as it lifted you up in front of its mouth.
It roared quietly. It caused your ears to ring. "Go to commander and stay there with him" you said to the cadets "bu-" "I said go now!"

You closed your eyes and then opened them. Your head began to pound. The titan was just holding you there. There were images going through your head.

There was a few with Aalieyah and Daisuke in them but it was mostly Faramond. It was his death where the titan swallowed him whole. Then there was one with the titan that was holding you.

You saw what happened. The titan that ate him fell on the ground and the titan that was holing you emerged from its carcass.

You opened your eyes slowly and stared at the abnormal. You almosted started crying. "F-faramond?"
The titan brought you closer to its face and roared quietly. It made your ears ring.

Hanji was worried "what is it doing? Why is it-" she covered her mouth and her eyes widened.

The titan set you down on its arm. You smiled softly. "Faramond hold still." The titan stood still. You ran up its arm and cut its neck carefully.

It roared and fell onto the ground. You slowly went down to the carcass.

There was smoke all around it. "Faramond?" You walked closer to the head. "(Y/n)? What's going on?" Levi sipped down and held onto your shoulder. You looked at him. "Levi its Faramond I know it is" you grabbed his hand and dragged him to the head . you jumped up and and landed on its back. You then looked around " Faramond?" Levi pointed towards a body laying on the nape of its neck. You ran to the body and fell to your knees "Faramond?" Your grabbed him and started to pull him out.

There was skin attached to his leg. You took your blade and sliced it. "Faramond come on get up" you helped him to his feet. Faramond opened his eyes and stared at you. "(Y/n) you are alive. I'm glad " he smiled softly. You blinked and the eyes disappeared. You hugged him and he hugged back. "I missed you"

Levi stood back and stared at y'all. He was muttering stuff under his breath. You didn't notice
But levi was getting jealous. He walked away and jumped off the titans body. "Hurry back cadet. We have work to do"

Faramond is back. Hanji is gonna have another experiment to work on when we get back.
You walked away from Faramond to get your horse. You brought it to him and let him use it. Another cadet brought an extra horse for you to ride back.

You all rode back to headquarters and sat in the dinning hall.
Time to decide if Faramond can stay or go.

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