. Chapter 8 - Drops .

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. Hanji's POV .
(Y/n) has been asleep for a while. At least for a couple of hours. She is still she won't move, but she is still breathing. I thought maybe if the liquid got on her and touched her leg then maybe it got inside of her. I thought for a while about what had happened or what might happen to her. Then it came to me. I rushed to get a needle. I rushed back to the room (Y/n) was in. I lifted up her jeans and removed the bandage. The black lines were traveling up her leg and stopped when they reached her side. The lines were darker than before. I stuck the needle into (Y/n)'s calf. She didnt move she kept still with her eyes closed. I took it out and looked at the silver liquid inside the needle. I poured the liquid into a container and set it aside. Looking down at her leg I saw that there was no blood just a little black outlining the hole the needle had made. Levi had told me to keep her leg bandaged, but it was traveling up to her side surely he didnt want me to bandage her whole side. I decided to anyway. I proceeded to walk towards the cabinet. Once I reached I pulled open the cabinet and grabbed the bandages.
I wrapped (Y/n)'s leg first working my way up to her side. When I reached her side I wrapped around her stomach. I made sure it was all wrapped tightly, that way if it were to spread it wouldn't go to much farther.
Later on that day I looked at the silver liquid. I was sitting at my desk looking at it, the sound of (Y/n)'s breathing was the only thing that was heard. That was until someone opened the door and walked in. I immediately turned around and looked at who it was. It was Levi. I glanced at (Y/n). Her breathing was steady. But she didn't look like she was in a deep sleep. I looked back at Levi. "Levi look at this," I wishpered. He bent over and looked. "What is it?" He wishpered back putting his hand on the back of my chair, shifting his weight. "So the lighter silver is the stuff she drank," I looked at him and he nodded, " now see the darker silver," I pointed and he nodded, "that is not mine and it was in her blood. You can tell cause there is a red substance that looks like blood." I put the container down and turned around facing (Y/n). She was up rubbing her eyes. I glazed at levi he was staring at her. I looked back at (Y/n) she was getting up. That caused her to fall. Right before she was about to hit the floor levi caught her and helped her up. "I don't need help I'm fine." Levi cocked his eyebrow "what was that?". "I said... I do not need your help!" She raised her voice. "Oi! You do not raise your voice at you captian! You will clean my office until it is spotless!" (Y/n) looked down and muttered something I couldn't quite hear. I don't think levi heard it either. "Sir!" (Y/n) saluted. "Tch." Levi walked out the hallway towards his office.
. Later .
. Regular POV .
You walked down to Levi's office muttering stuff under your breath. You reached to knock on the door but before you could it opened. Levi was standing there. He made a hand motion to come inside. You walked in and went to heid desk. There were a variety of cleaning supplies. You cocked an eyebrow. Then proceeded to pick and move towards the bookshelf. After a while of cleaning and conversation between you and Levi you learned a lot about him. "I will be back, I am going to go get a cup of tea." He left the room. You continued to clean. There was a faint ringing noise. You covered one of your ears with hand. Keeping your hand on your ear, you looked down at your leg. There was a sharp pain coming from your leg to your side. The ringing began to get louder. You dropped the cleaning supplies and covered your other ear falling down onto your knees. You passed out.
. Levi's POV .
I walked downstairs to get a drink. That brat shouldn't yell at her captain. Although I didn't realize she had such a horrible past until today. I mean I know her friends died and all but so did mine. It didn't really bother me that much. I'm used to it, kinda. I just don't show it. I made my tea and walked back up stairs. I opened the door and before I could take one step in I saw (Y/n) laying on the ground. I thought she had got tired and passed out. I picked her up and laid her on my bed. I don't think she would be comfortable waking up and finding me beside her in bed. I actually wouldn't min-.... Hold on don't think like that you only just started talking to her and she is your cadet. I walked over to my desk and started to finish the rest of my paperwork.
In the middle of my paperwork my head met the desk and I had fallen asleep.
. Time skip to morning .
. Levi's POV .
I awoke. I stretched and sunk down in the chair of the desk. My back and neck were sore from sleeping at my desk. That reminded me that (Y/n) had slept in my bed. I looked over and no one was there. The bed was perfectly made. I got up and walked towards it. I looked down at the floor beside the bed. There was blackish red looking blood in droplets trailing out of the room. I followed the blood splatters down the hall towards the area hanji does experiments in. I opened the door, still looking at the floor, and walked in. When I looked up (Y/n) was laying down on one of the tables. Hanji was looking at her side. Ber shirt was up half way showing her stomach. I could see small black lines going up to her mid-stomach. The door shut, in which caused a loud noise. (Y/n) shot up and looked over at the door. I looked behind me at the door and back at them. Hanji kept working. (Y/n) laid back down. "Close the door quietly next time please" hanji fixed her glasses and continued to work. "Tch." I walked over towards (Y/n) and hanji. Hanji had multiple needles and science tools in (Y/n) and beside her. I looked her up and down. I looked at her leg and what hanji was doing to it. Then I looked up to her face. I was a little surprised. There was no sign of pain. No sign of hurt. Nothing. She was just laying there, still, motionless and quiet. There was nothing there. It was like I couldnt see through her like I could everyone else. Like there was a barrier blocking the way and view. There was no way through it nor around it. But the question was, could that barrier be broken?
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