. Chapter 13 - Beautiful music .

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Another short chapter. Sorry, just trying to update a couple of times today to make up for not updating in a while.
Enjoy. Also play video when you see 'xxx' and stop the video when you see 'xxx'

You walked down the hall towards Levi's office. Still asking your self about what he wanted or why he did that. Nothing had came to mind.

Eren walked past you. He looked like he was heading to Levi's office. He had something in his hand.

You hid behind a corner looking at Levi's office. Eren approached the door and knocked.
Eren then whispered, although he needs to work on it cause you could hear him, "I brought what you asked for" then he slid the sheets under the door and walked off.

You were now very curious.

You walked quietly to the door. When you approached you heard something. So you decided not to knock yet.


You put your ear up against the door and listened. It was beautiful.

Then it stopped and then you heard small footsteps coming towards the door.
You paniced. The door opened.
"Tch. You forgot to knock." He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside. "Um corpa-" "levi, call me levi" he said while closing his eyes and walking towards a piano.

" cor- I mean levi what did you need me to come in here for?" before you could finish he began playing the piano again.

"(Y/n) come sit" he moved over a bit so you could sit beside him. You sat down beside him and watched his fingers glide across the pianos keys.
He grabbed your hand placing it on the keys. You pulled your hand back " I don't know how to play" you looked down.
"Just try it" he grabbed your hand once again and placed it on the keys. You sat up straight and began to play.
You closed your eyes as you played trying not to miss a note.
Levi looked at you then to your hands.
He started to play along with you. Both your hands gliding across the piano.
His hand brushed against yours. You blushed a little while keeping your eyes closed. Trying not to get phased by the touch.

'xxx' (or you can continue playing it)

You let your hands fall to your side. Levi stared at you as you looked down. "I thought you said you couldn't play?" You didnt answer. He placed a finger under your chin and brought your head up to look at him.
Not a word was said. Both you and him were locked in each others gaze.
He brushed a strand of hair behind your ear as he inched his face closer to yours.

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