I just want to talk...

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You had woken up earlier today not being able to shake off some thoughts, some hadn't been bothering you but at times there were some that made your mood become less happy. (Please pardon my grammar If It is bad)

Corpal never really came to cadets rooms to talk to them personally, he usually just told them to come to his office to talk or discuss something, but today It seemed different. Since no work needed to be done today, the cadets got to choose what they wanted to do.

You of course decided to stay In your room to have some time to think.


You glanced at your leg to see the black lines traveling up. Before you finished looking at them came a knock at the door.

"Ugh who could that be" you sighed and mumbled under your breath. "Yes? Who Is It?" Then came a low voice, as If the person didn't want anyone to hear them except you, "It's Corpal, I want to talk" You were a tad surprised, a little confused too. 'What does he want to talk about?' You asked yourself In your head so he wouldn't hear. "Come on In" You motioned for him to sit down wherever he would like when he came Inside the room. He glanced at you and then sat down beside you.

"So what Is I-" He cut off by pressing his hand against your mouth and using his other to pin your hands against the wall behind you.

You were a little flustered by the move he had made. He took the time to stare Into your eyes, you saw something In his eyes, but you couldn't make out what It was.

His eyes traveled down to the black lines on your leg, his expression suddenly changing. He furrowed his eyebrows, "Why are the lines getting darker" his gaze returned to you. You shrugged continuing to stare at him.

. Levi's POV .

She looks like she Is okay, but It doesn't seem like she Is. 'What am I even talking about' I shook my head trying to overlook the fact that It seems like I cared.

The black lines seemed to be getting darker, but why?

Once again I shook my head trying not to ask myself questions like that. I sighed "Cadet" I looked her In the eye and slowly brought my face towards hers, her breath seeming to hitch when I moved closer,

"Show me your eyes..."

I whispered Into her ear.

She blinked and my gaze moved slowly to her eyes.


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