. Chapter 4 - Errands..? .

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This chapter may be short but this one will be about why reader-chans parents were acting strange and why reader-chan had the bite looking mark behind their ear. So it takes place during that a time, when the parents were alive.
Enjoy ~ admin-chan
"Bandits, bandits, bandits, that's the only thing you're worried about!" Your mother yelled at your father. "What about (Y/n), hmm, what about her? We haven't even told her yet, wait 'you' haven't told her yet!", "don't blame this on me and I do care about her!", " the only reason we are down in the underground is because of your experiments, its already hard enough to keep that from her!", "do you even know what that will do to our little (Y/n)?! Do you!?", " that isn't your concern!". "I have every right to know, I am her mother for gods sake!", " tch. Whatever fine," he calmed his voice and lowered it to a whisper, so you couldn't hear if you were awake.
"We don't know everything about it , but one thing we do know is that she will have nightmares that re-play over and over, although we don't know what the dreams will about nor what they will do to her.". Your mother began to think of what could happen, she began to sob quietly. Your father wrapped his arms around her, "sh... Its okay she will be fine..."
But your father was keeping multiple things from your mom, that you wouldn't just have nightmares, way more than that. He hasn't showed your mother the work they had been working on. His job wasn't really to help unload the military polices supplies, he was doing expriments. Your mother had fallen asleep. Your father stood up, his mind was shutting down, he didn't know how much longer he could keep the secrets, he made his way towards your room. When he got there he moved your hair out of the way and kissed your forehead. His eyes moved towards your hear. He gazed at the bit looking mark behind your ear, remembering your screams as they put the substance into you, although you didn't remember a thing because you were out for awhile, thinking it was only a bad dream. He whispered " not only will you have nightmares, us not knowing if you could manage, you will be able to move and fight faster. You would also be stronger. The more the experiment spreads the worse it will get, we can only hope you can handle whats coming darling..." He smiled and begin crying, once again he kissed your forehead. He returned to his room and pulled out his journal. He flipped through the pages till he came to one that read
"This experiment will cause the change of genes throughout the body,
The person this is used on will have a change in eye color,
The eyes will change to a gray or silver color with black veins, which are barley viable and are caused by the fluid from the expirement. They may have a red outline but that is only on one condition..........."
- Unknown
The writer is unknown and the sentence was cut off by a rip on the page, which cut off about five more words. He shut the journal and placed it in the drawer, slamming it shut out of frustration and confussion. He began to sob queitly , getting louder at some points but still quiet. "Why did they make me do it to her?! Wh-", " father whats the matter" you stood at the door rubbing your eyes. He sipped his tears hoping you hadn't seen him. "Nothing father is fine, go back to bed darling." He said trying not to sound sad. You nodded and walked back to your room, falling asleep. "(Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n)....." Your father cried and repeated your name over and over.
He cried himself to sleep, his mind still scattered worrying and thinking about you and what would or will happen to you.
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