Im Going To Be.....

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*Eren Jeager*

I smiled as i saw the biggest lake I've ever seen, I took out my phone and took a picture.

"Eren you going to help?" Armin asked

"Yeah, hold on." I said

I put my phone away and went to the car. I saw Hanji and Levi sitting on a bench. I shrugged and went to Armin.

"Hey bud." I said

"Can you get the box full of food?" He asked

"Sure." I

"Eren, can I get that for you?" Mikasa said

"No I go-" I trailed off as I saw here carrying three full boxes.

She pushed me out of the way and got it. I stared at her with wide eyes and walks to Hanji and Levi.

"Hey, guys." I said

"Wa- oh hey Eren." Hanji said

"What are you guys doing?" I asked as I sat next to Levi

"Oh, you know just talking. Hehe." She sad

"Okay, hey Levi want to go for a walk later?" I asked

"HE CANT!!" Hanji yelled

"Hanji." Levi hissed

"Sorry." She said scratching the back of her neck

"Umm, well-"

I stopped as Levi gagged, he leaned forward and covered his mouth.

"Levi?" I questioned

He then jumped off the bench and ran away.

"LEVI!!" Hanji yelled

She then got off and ran after him. I do the same and followed them.

"LEVI!! HANJI!!" I yelled

I stopped as I saw Hanji patting Levi's back as he vomited, I went up to them.

"Levi, are you okay?" I asked

"I'm fine." He said as he wipped his mouth.

"He just needs to rest." Hanji said

Levi then straightened himself up, Hanji wrapped an arm around his torso and put his arm over her neck.

*Hanji Zoe*

Damn it, Eren nearly found out about Levi. Good thing he didn't tell him, well I have to stay by his side tell its the right time.

"Hanji, I craving for Fish." Levi said

"You should be, you throw up your lunch." I said

"Hanji." Erwin said

I turned around and saw him with a bag of marshmallows.

"Eren told me that Levi has been sick all day, why?" He asked

"Umm, well...."

"I'm pregnant." Levi said

"What?" Erwin asked

"Yeah, haha." I nervesly said

"Eren." Erwin called out

"No, Erwin its not a good time to tell him that." I said

"What Hanji I hae to tell him." He said

"But, but....its not a good time." I said

"Please Erwin, don't." Levi said

I looked at Levi then at Erwin. I saw him scratch his head then sigh.

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