Its Fine

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*Levi Ackerman*

I sat at the table, Eren had an dinner. He is leaving in two more weeks, and i been having a feeling this is not going to go well.

"So Eren. Can't wait?" Erwin asked

"Yup, I'm so happy I get to go." He said

I looked at him and sighed, knowing that I would be alone to take care of the child.... I should tell him.

"Hey, Er-"

"Eren. I want to tell you that I'm going with you." Mikasa said

"Cool. Now we can be with each other." Eren said

I looked away, knowing Mikasa will now force him to go.

"Levi, can I have a word with you?" Hanji asked


I got up and walked to the hallway, I opened my door to the room and walked in. Hanji closed the door and locked it.

"So you going to tell him?" She asked

"Yeah, but Mikasa keeps interrupting me." I said

Hanji just stood there looking at me.

"Levi, later I will distract Mikasa and you go and talk to him, okay?" She questioned

*Eren Jaeger*

"Hey, Eren. Can I talk to you." Levi said


"Eren, come." Mikasa said pulling me away."

"Sure." I said

"Mikasa, can I talk to you." Hanji said pulling her arm.

"But, Eren and I are o-"

"No, this is more important." Hanji pulled her away and ran the other way

"Haha, so Levi, what's up?" I asked

He looked at me with his eyes showed me that he had a secret to tell me.

"Levi, what it is? I know your hiding something from me." I said

"Can we talk about this in your room?" He asked playing with his tail

"Sure." I said

He nodded, he turned around. I followed him down the hall to my room. He opened the door and walked in. I followed in behind him, closing the door, I walked to my bed.
He looked at the ground with his tail down, his fingers played with the end of his shirt.

"So, um about two weeks ago, when we had sex."

"What? Did I hurt you." I said walking to him

"What, no no you didn't but umm...I...I've been meaning to tell you this but, I didn't feel at ease telling you this before you leave." He said

"Levi? What's wrong?" I asked

"I'm, I'm...pre-"

"Eren. Come on we're doing the cake already." Armin said opening the door.

"Yeah, hurry." Mikasa said pushing past Armin and walking to me.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me away. I looked back and saw Levi looking at me, he looked down and I saw that, he was crying.


*Levi Ackerman*

I walked around Eren's room, not really in the mood to go back out there. I sighed, I walked to the door and opened it. I looked down the hall and saw that they were all siting on the floor talking.
I frowned and walked to my room. I walked in, I saw that my room was messy, but I didn't bother with it. I walked to my bed and got in it. I tangled myself in the sheets, looking up into the ceiling.
Why does my chance always have to got interrupted.


I saw the door knob turn an open.

"Levi, you okay?" Hanji asked closing the door after she came in.

"No. I didn't get the chance to tell him." I said

"Oh, um... It's okay, we will get to tell him soon." Hanji said

"Hanji. Are you taking the job?" I said

"Y-yes, I am."

My eyes widened when I heard her say that. Hanji's leaving me too?

"Oh, okay." I said

"I'm sorry, but I really into this job thing. And I can't wai-"

"Hanji, can you leave me, I need some time to myself." I said with a shaky voice.

"Sure." She said

(Minutes later)

I walked into the living room and saw Eren in there with is bags and Mikasa?

"Eren?" I questioned

He turned around and smiled.

"Mikasa's going to stay with up for tonight." He said

"Levi? What are you doing here?" She asked

I looked away, a frowned.

"I'm just a guest in this house so I guess you can say that." I said

"What? Levi your not." Eren said

"I am, I'm just here to please you. I just stayed because I didn't want you to be alone." I said

"Levi." Eren said

"Hah, I told you he was just staying here just to get some where to stay." Mikasa said

"Mikasa can you leave for a moment?" Eren said

She nodded and walked down the hall. Eren looked at me with a disgusting face.

"Levi, what makes you think that?" He asked

"Because I am. I've been living under your roof and I still am." I said

"But Levi. I love you, and there is nothing that's going to make you feel unwelcome." He said

"Your family and friends make me unwelcome." I said

"You should be." Mikasa said

"Shut up Mikasa." Eren said

"Eren, can i tell you something." I said

"What is it?" He asked

"I'm, I'm Pregnant." I said


"WHAT!!" Mikasa shouted walking down the hall back into the room

"Mikasa." Eren hissed

"What, he killed the first one, what makes you think he's going to take care if this one?!" Mikasa shouted

"Mikasa." Eren said

I looked at her and sighed.

"It wasn't my fault." I said

"What?" She questioned

"I didn't do it...Erwin just gave them to me. I didn't know..I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I said wiping my eyes.


I looked up and let the tears out.

"Levi, its okay." He said wrapping his arms around my small figure.

"No, its not." I said

"It's okay Levi. It's fine." He said

It's Fine

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