Happy Birthday Erwin Smith

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The song is Erwin Smiths ring tone.
Song: In the End by Black Veil Brides


*Levi Ackerman*

I opened my eyes and saw Eren sleeping. I rubbed my eyes, ears and got up. I walk in to the living room and saw Hanji sitting at our table, she was sleeping with her glasses off.

"Hanji." I said

I saw her move and slowly open her eyes.

"Levi." She said sleepily

"Hi, how long have you been here?" I said

"Since Eren let me in at 3:00am." She said rubbing her eyes

"Why at 3:00am?" I said sitting next to her

"I got kicked out of my apartment, Erwin wasn't home, and I thought you guys would let me in." She said

"Well, you can stay as long as you want."

I turned and saw Eren walking down the hall while putting on his shirt.

"Thanks Eren but I have an extra room in Erwin's house so." Hanji said "Plus, you guys need you privacy." She said

"Okay." Eren said ,"Hey you want to go out and eat?"

"Sure." She said ," Can I invite Erwin?" She said

"Mr. Smith?" Eren said

"Yeah, today is birthday." Hanji said

"Oh really." I said

*Erwin Smith*

I rubbed my eyes, I was recently finishing up grading the papers of my Senior's. I am so disappointed, half the class got an 'F' and the only good grade in all my classes is Armin Alert and Mikasa Ackerman.

~In The End~
~As We Fade Into The Night(Woah oh oh)~
~Who Will Tell The Stor-

"Hello?" I answered

"Hey, Erwin you busy?"

"Haji? Why are you calling?" I asked

"Well I was going out with some friends and I was wondering if you wanted to come." She explained

"I am busy and I'm not going out with any of your friends." I said

"But Erwin.... Eren and Levi are with me." She said

"Really....why?" I asked again

"Because I sort of gt kicked out of my apartment last night." She said

"Wow Haji, well hold on," I put my phone doesn't and put it on speaker ," continue."

"So I stayed the night at Eren's and Levis. And I told them that you would let me stay their s yeah....Lets meet at Sizzlers."

She then hung up, I sighed and hung up as well. I out my stuff away and walked out of the school.

*Levi Ackerman*

I was in Eren's arms and I stared at Hanji as she jumped around.

"Oh, I can't wait. Levi can you?" She asked


Yes I'm in my cat form

"Hehehehehe, Eren im sooooo happy!"

"Are you drunk?" Eren questioned

"No, just excited." She said

Then a black car pulled in the parking lot and parked in front of us. Erwin then came out, he had a black suit, a green bolo tie and nice black fancy shoes.

"Why do you want Hanji?" He asked


"Oh, hello Levi."

"Oh I'm guessing Hanji told you." Eren said

"Yeah, that what happens when you have her come over." Erwin said

I jumped out of Eren's arms and walked over to Shittyglasses. She was already talking to one of the guys that parked the cars. I shook my head and tapped her leg with my paw.

"Oh, hey Levi."


"If your asking about what time we're going in, well in about 2 more minutes." She explained while picking my up.

I look licked my paw and rubbed behind my ear. She scratches my head and walks over o Eren and Erwin. I saw the two talking but stopped as soon as we came.

"So everyone ready?" She asked

"Yea." Eren said

"Okay, lets go! Oh wait before that.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERWIN SMITH!!!!" Hanji shouted

(Time Skip)

"But, Levi please." Hanji wined

"No." I said

"But I need to know. So we can celabrate it." She wined

"Hanji, com lets go." Eren said

"Okay then, SEE YA GUYS LATER!!!"

A/N: I got it..... Finally I finished it. Well I hope you guys liked , and sorry it's short, so see ya

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