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*Levi Ackerman*

I opened my eyes and saw Eren with a small smile. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I had forgotten that I was only in my shirt. I rubbed my eyes and my ears.
I started the shower, taking off the little bit of clothes I had on. I jumped in washing my face and body, feeling the beauty of cleanliness.

(Time skip)

I walked out of Erens room and went to the kitchen. I got the phone and called Hanji.


"Hanji, can you buy my something?"

*Hanji Zoe*

"What, another test?" I asked

"Yes, please. I told Eren I can't get pregnant when I'm off heat, but I lied. I want to surprise him." He explained

"Okay, did you guys, do it....yesterday?" I asked

"Yeah, hurry, before he wakes." He said then hung up.

"Okay." I said

I got up and walked out the room and saw Erwin sitting on the couch with a magazine.

"Hey, I'm going out, Levi told me to buy something for him." I said getting the house keys

"Okay, I'm coming." He said

"But, Levi and Eren don't want you near." I said

"Hum, I'll take my chances." He said walking to me.

"Okay." I said then walked out.

*Eren Jeager*

I walked around the house looking for my phone... Levi was up playing with his tail. I don't understand how he can do stuff like that...its weired.

"Levi are you sure you haven't seen it?" I asked

"Yup, but we're having people come over later." He said

"What, who?"

"Hanji." He said

"Oh, you know you could just say 'Hanji'." I explained



"I'll get it." I said

U walked to the door and opened it, I saw Hanji with a Walgreen's bag, and Erwin.

"Hanji, why is Erwin here?" I asked

"Oh, he wanted to say hi to Levi, haha. Where is he at anyways?" She asked

"In the living room." I said

"Thanks." She said then walked past me and went to Levi.

I looked Erwin with a ugly face then opened the door to let Erwin in. I walked to the living room to see Hanji giving the Bag to Levi.

"What's with the Bag?' I asked

"N- nothing....haha, so Eren....hows life?' She asked

"It sucks cause my child is no longer alive." I growled

"I was protecting you from early parenting." Erwin said

"Lunch anyone?" Levi asked

"Sure." I said

Levi got up and walked to his room. I watched as Hanji smiled at me then Erwin... I really wasn't in the mood to yell so I just sat down. I watched as Erwin got out a envelop, he held it out to me and with a heart warming smile.
I got it and looked at the front reading it said NYU. My eyes widened at the sight if it.

"What's this?" I asked

"Haha, read it."

I quickly opened it and read it.


Dear Mr. Jeager,

We are happy to say that you have been accepted. You are to come in June 18, 2016. We are so happy to say you are able to enter in you subject, we hope we can see you there.

"What, I got excepted to New York University. YES!!!" I shouted

"Good for you Eren. Are you going?" Hanji asked

"Heck yeah I am...this is exciting news." I said

"Good for you." Erwin said

"Well, what about Levi?" Hanji asked

"Levi?" I thought for a moment and smiled.

"He can live with you guys for a bit, right?" I questioned

"Well, Eren he's your mate...you can't just leave him like that...its not good for a cat like him at that time of year." Hanji said

"Why?" I asked

"Yeah Hanji, why?" I asked

"Well. Umm you see, at that time-"

"Let him go if he wants to, its fine." Levi said walking in the living room in a sweater.

"Really...Thank you Levi!" I shouted

*Hanji Zoe*

I looked at Eren as he jumped around with a huge smile. I looked up at Levi and saw that he showed hurt in his eyes.
I got up and walked to Levi, he looked up at me and looked down. I patted his back and hugged him.

"Hey, Levu can you excuse me I'm going to tell Mikasa and Armin about this." Eren said as he ran out with his phone

Levi pulled away and walked down the hall. I followed him and saw him fall to his knees and sat there.

"Levi, are you okay?" I asked

"I'm fine, just a little surprised that Eren is going to University in New York." Levi explained

"Oh, is that all? I thought it would be something bigger." I said as I walked in his room.

"I'm fine with him going its just, I don't know if I can survive with out him." He said

"You have survived with out anyone before him." I said

"But that was because I didn't have a mate, I was normal but now that I have one, I'm going through heat." He said

"But, man your right." I said

He looked up and sighed, he placed a hand in his head and groaned. I sat down and looked at him. His hair was damped and his face was a light red.

"Are you okay?" I asked

"No, I have a little fever that's all." He said

"Levi you need to get that checked out." I said

"I'm fine...huh." He said "Its time to get cooking."

"Yeah, lets get to it." I said following him

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