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*Eren Jeager*

"Hey, Hanji. Levi has been getting really painful cramps. Also he says he has been bleeding when he uses the restroom, and nausea." I explained

When I got home Levi has been throwing up and bleeding from he's rear end.

"Hum, bleeding is not a symptom. And it would be to early to have cramps. So, um.... Hold in I'll go over there and we'll go to one of my friends and see what's up." She explained

"Okay, Hanji." I said then hung up ,"Levi, get ready we're going to a the hospital."

I walked down the hall and went to his room. I walked in and saw Levi laying on the floor holding his stomach and throwing up at the same time.

"Levi...god." I said

I rushed to him and got him up, I sat him on his bed and got him the trash can from his restroom. I patted his back and waited tell he was done.

"God...this sucks." He said as he coughed

"Man, Levi did you eat or drink something while I was gone. To make sure, when did this start?" I asked

"No, I just drank water, and 4 hours ago." He said


"Eren, Levi. You Guys Ready?!" Hanji shouted from the front door.

"You ready?" I asked

"Ye-yeah." He stuttered

I nodded and stod up.

Time To Leave.

1 hour later


"Ready for this Levi?" I asked

"Yeah." He said weakly

We got up and walked to the room.

"Okay, Mr. Ackerman."

"Moblit!" Haji shouted ,"its so good to see you again!"

"Hi Hanji. How have you been.?" He asked

"Nothing good, nothing bad just normal." She said

"Hanji?" I said

"Oh, sorry, hahah, This is Eren and Levi." She said

"Hum, So what's the problem?" He asked

"Oh, he has cramps, blood coming out when he uses it, and nausea." Hanji said.

"Oh, and Levi Hanji told me your pregnant." He said

"Ah, yes." Levi said

"Okay, Levi I need you to come with me." Moblit said

Levi nodded and got up, I sat in the chair and waited with Hanji.

20 minutes later


I shot up and looked at the door while it opened. Moblit came out and looked at me.

"Levi wants to take to you." He said

I nodded and walked to the door and opened it. I closed it and saw Levi sitting on the chair holding his stomach with one hand and his other hand covered his mouth.

"Levi?" I questioned

"It's g-" He hicced

"What?" I asked

He looked at me and sniffed.

"The child....its gone." He said

"What? No, Levi no it isn't." I said

"ITS GONE OKAY!!!" He yelled

"No, it was there Levi it was here." I said

I covers my mouth and cried

"Hey, you guys okay?" Hanji said

"It's gone." I said

"What, no. It can't be. Levi you were fine, you didn't take anything, did you?" Hanji asked

"No, all I drank today is what Erwin gave me."

My eyes widened as I heard Erwin in the sentence.

"Erwin? Erwin went to the house. Levi Why Did You Let Him In!!" I shouted

"I let him in because he wanted to talk!" Levi shouted back.


He looks at me with wide eyes them started to sob.

"Why, WHY DIDN'T YOU YELL ME!!' He shouted

"I was, but when I got home." I said

He shock his head and pointed at the door.

"Get out." He said

"Levi." I said

"I SAID GET OUT!!" He yelled

I grinded my teeth and ran out.


*Levi Ackerman*


I let out a final year and looked away.

"Hanji can you go and make sure Eren doesn't do something stupid." I said

"Sure thing Levi." Hanji said then left.

I wiped my tears and looked up. I rubbed my stomach and sighed

"I'm sorry, my child."

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