Thank You Hanji

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This is what Hanji is wearing in this chapter and the rest, well you can come up with theirs

*Levi Ackerman*

I was in a car with Armin, Mikasa, Hanji, Eren, and Erwin. Hanji said that we had to go in a rental van so we can pay for one instead of having to pay for two to enter the camp grounds.
Erwin drove, i was on the passenger side, Hanji and Mikasa sat at the second row, while Eren ad Armin sat in the back.
Hanji wouldn't stop talking about how cool it is to have friends with her and some other shit. Mikasa was listening to music, while Eren and the blond Coconut watched a movie.

"So Levi. How have you've been?" Erwin asked

"Good, just a little sick." I said

"Really, who needs to rest?" Erwin asked everyone

Everyone raised their hands.

"Okay. Hanji when we pull over we need to have a word." He said

"Okay." She said

I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. I watched as the trees and houses past. My stomach felt weak and my throat swelled up. I covered my mouth knowing what is awaiting to com out. Erwin pulled into the gas then parked the car and he unlocked the doors ad turned off the car. I opened the door and quickly ran to find the restrooms.

"Levi?" Eren called out

God this is a bad sign.

*Hanji Zoe*

I went to the corner where Levi disappeared to, I turned and saw Levi sitting on the floor with on arm wrapped around his stomach and one hand was covering his mouth.

"Levi you okay?" I asked

"Hanji? Can you go in and buy me a bag of chips?" He said

"Yeah." I said

I turned around a walked to the store entrance. I saw Eren and Armin sitting at a bench just in the little grass area. Mikasa was inside the store with Erwin getting snacks.
I walked in and went to third aisle where Erwin was at.

"Hey, Erwin." I said

"Hanji." He said

I got a bag and gave it to Erwin, I went to the aisle where it had the pregnancy testes and other stuff. I thought about the symptoms Levi had, they were similar to us. But I don't know understand how he would be like that.
I grabbed one of the pregnancy tests and brought it to the counter.

"Hello." The cashier said

"Hello." I said pulling out my wallet.

"You having a nice trip?" She asked

"Not really. One of my friends are sick and I'm beginning to think h- I mean she is pregnant." I whispered.

"Okay, that will be $12.99." She said

I payed her and got the box, I rushed out. I went back to Levi, but fought him in the middle of vomiting. I put the small box in my pocket and ran to him, I patted his back as he continued.

"Levi, are you okay? If you want we can turn around and go home." I said

"No, no. We came this far out and there is no way we are going back. It's would be just a waste of time." He said

"But your vomiting and looks like you have a fever." I explained

"I Said I'm Fine." He growled

I looked at him, I sighed and relaxed into my pocket and pulled out the test.

"Here." I said

He looked at the test and then at me. He took it and read the box.

"It's to tell if your pregnant or not. So if I were you I would use it." I said

"How could I tell?" He asked

"Well when its one line its negative, and when its two that means its positive." I explained

"And when its positive that means...."


"Hanji, where are you!" Eren shouted

"Hurry." I said

*Eren Jeager*

"Has anyone seen Levi or Hanji?" I asked

"No." Everyone said

They've seen gone since we got here.

"Sorry, we got caught up on something." Hanji said

Hanji and Levi walked up.

"Ther you two are. Come on we have to go." Erwin said

I hopped in and say in the second row, Armin sat in the passenger seat. Mikasa sat next to me, while Hanji and Levi sat in the back.

"Ready?" Erwin said

"Ready." Everyone said

"Then, lets get going." He said starting he car.

*Levi Ackerman*

I looked at my hand as we head to the camp once again. I was worried about my test result.

"So what did you get?" Hanji whispered

I looked at her then I pulled out the box. I got a tissue and got he test out, she took it and looked at it with wide eyes.

"TWO LINES!!!!" she yelled

Eren, Armin, and Mikasa turned their heads to me and her, Hanji throw the test in her pocket.

"What?" Erwin said

"N-nothing." She said

They turned their heads back around and continued with what ever they did.

"Levi, this...this is, wow." She said

I shock my head and felt my eyes water.

"Levi?" She said

"I don't know how to tell Eren." I whispered

"We will find a way." She whispered back.

I wipped them away and looked at her.

"Thank you Hanji."


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