The Cat that I Just Asked.

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*Eren Jaeger*

I was up at 7:00a.m trying to finish my assignment, I haven't done my work cause Levi has been cleaning all Morning.

"Hey, you done yet so I can clean this area?" Levi said as he sat down on the table.

"No, I hae so much to do." I said leaning in my chair and rubbing my forehead.

"What is it on?" Levi said leaning down and looking at my screen

"The Four Fathers." I said

"Humm, okay you get up and go out, you need to have fun." Levi said rush ng me up and to my room.

"What, I need to finis-"

"Eren, go have fun, leave the paper to me." Levi said as he walked to the table

"Fine." I said walking in my room

I closed the door, I unplugged my phone from the charger and texted Armin.

'Armin, and Me'

Me: hey Armin you their?

A.A: yeah, what's up?

Me: Get every boy that's in our group and we'll go out.

A.A: okay, but where we going?

Me: Anywhere, I don't care.

A.A: yes sir.

Me: tell gem to meet at the park in 30 min.

A.A: okay, see you there


I smiled and put my phone back on the charger and walked to my closet. I got out my green Sweater, black shirt ad pants, a belt that was black and green, and the Key my father gave me when I was ten.

~ BUT I CA-~

"Hello?" I answered

"Where are you going?"

"Mika, how you now?" I asked

"I over heard what Armin was talking about to Jean." She explained

"Well, good for you, and I dong know, so bye Mika." I said then hung up.



"Eren, can I tell you something?" Levi said walking in

"Yeah, sure." I said sitting on my bed with my clothes

"Well, one thing. Don't get to drunk cause if you do....i'll kill you." Levi said then walked out


*45 minutes later*

"Eren, your late." Jean said

"Where's Reiner and Bortolt?" I asked

"They had to do something so it only You, Marco, Jean, Connie and me." Armin explained

"Oh, umm, so what you guys want to do?" I asked

"Well, a couple days ago, i got a fack ID." Jean said holding it out

"What are you applying?" I asked

"Lets get some beer ad head back to my house and get drunk." Jean explained

"Fine, but if something happens I'm blaming you." I said as I followed Jean

*3 hours later* *Levi Ackerman*

It's been an hour since I finished Eren's paper. And three hours since Eren left. I was in his room, again in his favorite shirt.

"Levi!" I heard the voice of Coconut

I got up and walked out of his room. I saw Armin put Eren down on the couch.


"Oh, umm, Eren is drunk ad I have to be going, see you Levi." Armin said while leaving

"Hehehe, Leviiiiiii.~" Eren sang

"Damn kid." I said walking around the couch and grabbed him by his arm, "I told you not to get drunk."

"But I only had a little bit." He said leaning on me

"God you smell of alcohol." I said opening his bed room door.

I walked to the side of his bed and slowly put him down

"Wait, Leviiiiiii.~" he said grabbing my wrist ad pulled me down

I fell on my back and he claimed on top of me. He pined my arms above my head and put his legs on both sides of me. I tried moving but it was impossible to get out from.

"Levi......I like you." Eren said leaning down

"I can tell, now let me go." I hissed

"Levi, I've always wanted to sleep with you ever since I first saw you." Eren said stopping in the point out nosies touched

"Wow, you wanted to fuck a cat." I said with a smirk

"Very funny." He sad then placed his lips on mine.

I didn't kiss back knowing that if I'd Eren wouldn't remember.


He then fell, and he let out light snoozes.

"Fucking Idiot." I said

*Eren Jeager*

My head acked so bad, I slowly got up and walked to the living room.

"Levi, you in here?" I groaned

"No." He said

I looked down and saw him laying on the couch, while reading a manga.

"Watcha reading?" I asked while sitting next to him

"Something I found in your room." He said setting it down

"Hey, Levi, when I not home.....was I drunk?" I askd

No response

"Levi, did I do anything inappropriate?" I asked again

"Yes." He said

"Oh, I'm sorry. But, I been meaning to ask you something." I explained


"Well. Levi ,what ever your last name is, will you go on a-"


"Wha- really, ha hahh, YESS!!!" I shouted

"Shut up." He hissed

"Get good sleep cause we're going out for breakfast at 7:00a.m." I said then ran

This is going to be fun.


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